Tower Unite Fps Problem

hello I just got the game but fps 10-11 very low help

Does your computer meet the minimum requirements? Did you try to turn down the graphics? How much is open in the background?

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what pc specs do you have?

Sounds like your hardware isn’t quite up to the task of running the game

In order to find out if your computer is powerful enough you need to know what parts its made of, These two programs can tell you the names of your computer parts, then you can simply search for the specs of said parts and find out if they are powerful enough

Here are the minimum requirements to play the game:

They might have changed a bit since they were first written but they should still be accurate.

As for increasing fps, you should try adjusting your graphics settings to improve performance,
Try lowering texture quality, render distance, game resolution and or resolution scale and so on
And turning off things such as high quality shaders.

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Really don’t think it’s him. I used to be able to run this at a constant 144 fps but as of maybe 3 or 4 updates ago, I’m lucky if I get 50 to 60. And I basically have a fucking NASA supercomputer, so it’s not me

What are your specs? Can’t make assumptions without any of that information.