Tower Unite Anniversary Events! (

To celebrate Tower Unite’s debut to Early Access, we’ve created a celebration event this year!

Kalleira, wanting to celebrate with everyone, caused mayhem by bringing in all the characters and minigames from all the holiday events. Due to her magic, this event features minigames from Halloween events and Winter Holiday events all at the same time!

You can also earn Anniversary Coins from playing any of the game worlds or minigames in Tower and unlock anniversary themed items, Halloween items, and Winter Holiday items!

This event will last for the entire month of April

, so you’ll be able to take your time getting coins! We plan to roll out additional anniversary items soon as well!

Head to Kalleira at the Plaza fountain!

New Anniversary Store Items:

  • Anniversary Cake Hat
  • Holdable Balloon
  • Party Gun
  • Kalleira’s Wand

New Anniversary Store Items for Condo:

  • Anniversary Cake
  • Balloon
  • Confetti FX
  • Sparkles FX
  • Starfield FX
  • Starfield Flowing FX
  • Sparkle Fountain FX
  • Sparkle Fountain Extravaganza FX


  • Added Anniversary Coins
  • Added a few new Anniversary items: Anniversary Cake, Anniversary Cake Hat, Holdable Balloon, Balloon, Confetti FX, Sparkles FX, Starfield FX, Starfield Flowing FX, Sparkle Fountain FX, Sparkle Fountain Extravaganza FX, Party Gun, and Kalleira’s Wand
  • Enabled shadow casting on workshop items
  • Added a setting to enable PVP damage while in Plaza/Condo
  • Projectiles now bounce off players. This includes Throwable Basketball, Bert Gun, Boomerang, Throwable Bowling Ball and Pin, Throwable Egg, Throwable Golfball, Throwable Fruit, Throwable Keyboard, Paper Airplane, Potato Gun, Throwable Skeeball, Snowball, Throwable Plushy, Throwable Wheel of Money
  • Store NPCs now look at you
  • Condo: Workshop NPCs now look at you
  • New icons for: Confetti Gun, Firework Launcher, Spooky Gun, Potato Gun, Throwable Bowling Pin/Ball, Throwable Units, Unit Bills, and all the Jetpacks

Bug Fixes:

  • Minigolf: Fixed moving platform desyncs in Sweet Tooth, Kingdom, Island, Forest, and Waterhole
  • Improved mirrors and fixed mirrors not displaying wearables
  • Fixed Karaoke prices being incorrectly displayed
  • Fixed lighter position for the lighter sway emote
  • Fixed jetpack strafing not working
  • Fixed elevators causing you to fall through them in Underwater condo
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed dragon not recharging sprint stamina when entering water on Mystic Grove
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed ghost food/wine being offset and not in its hands
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed a few collision issues in Mystic Grove

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very nice. are more items planned also? I would love a floating balloon pet, confetti golf trail, confetti player effect, etc. The celebrations store guy has confetti and I’m jealous!


Happy Anniversary and great work! Love the balloons and new effec~


i’m hoping it won’t be crazy expensive also, the most expesnive one is the wand which is already too much if im honest lol

Not mentioned here, but coin spawn rates got bumped up as well, so things are a bit more achievable:




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Me: Oh i got all these things i should get ready for monday so i dont have time to do anything else
Tower unite: New anniversary event
Me: …Well then nevermind


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