Tower Express



Tired of hopping in your car and driving miles just to buy a new sofa? Well drive no more with Tower Express! Tower Express is a new revolutionary way to purchase and sell items in Tower Unite. Shopping Online has never been easier! Check out Tower Express today (when it comes out)!


  • Steam OpenID Login (w/ Verification of Game Ownership)
  • Cart System (Add to Cart, Remove from Cart)
  • Cart Checkout (Remove Units, Add Items to Steam Inventory, Consolidate)
  • Steam Inventory Functions (Get Inventory, Add to Inventory, Remove from Inventory, Consolidate Item, Consolidate Entire Inventory)
  • Tower Unite Functions (Retrieve Unit Count for Player)
  • Bulk Item Selling (Consolidate, Remove Items from Steam Inventory, Add Units)
  • Transaction Viewer (Area for viewing all transactions made via Tower Express)
  • Item Search Bar (Quickly search for items in Tower Unite)
  • Store View (View all items sold by a particular store)
  • Prepare System for Alpha Testing
  • Setup Server
  • Release Alpha to Public
  • Phase 2 Code Pass and Cleanup
  • UI Overhaul and Cleanup
  • Added "All Departments" tab that lists all the items
  • Added sort by: Release date, Item name, Unit price
  • Item De-duplicator: Upon login, go through user's inventory and remove any duplicates of items which the user should only have 1 of, and if the item has any unit value, refund the full amount. Items removed will be logged in the Sell History.

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o boi

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OOoo! This is gonna be my favorite feature! Make it feel like you are in real life world = Just go to website and click order! Then it will be in front of door!

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A companion app for Android/iOS would be awesome, too :wink:

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Probably not iOS as you need to pay $100 bucks a year


Whaaat? Lame. Oh well, I’m an android user anyway :3


gimme the couches from my couches
i buy couches from on my couch

wait you can drive in this game?

actually no but you got jetpacks, I think that counts as a vehicle :stuck_out_tongue:

(remote controlled cars in the plaza will be a thing though)

Ah yes, the jet packs. VIP was the best for those in the old days. Unlimited;-)

good thing there is no more VIP system and that the unlimited jetpack is now for everyone :3

That’s pretty cool, I guess. Is there still that creepy old dude you buy stuff from?

the wandering merchant from resident evil 4? Nah he won’t be there because of copyrights, but instead we got a cat that spawn only during the night :3 (in-game night)

This seems pretty neat. And if it speeds up the process of selling items (vs one at a time now) that will be good for getting rid of all my potatos and hula dolls.

Also if you want to talk about what’s in the game, better do that somewhere else like the Discord because we are being off-topic lol

Poor guy. I’m mad hype about playing the tower again. I spent 300 hours there, time to spend 600 here;)

and oh lol

will it be like the moving boxes in lobby 2 near your door or will it be put into your inventory?

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You know what would be cool? If there was like a little flap in each room by the door which visibly show’s your package being pushed through and onto the floor.

Could be different for each room just for fun.

  • Condo+suite: A small letter box by the door. Package is pushed through it when it arrives.

  • House: A delivery van drives up to the driveway, drops off the package with a robotic arm, and drives off

  • Flat lands: An aircraft can be heard above, and a package parachutes to the Earth.

  • Underwater house (upcoming): A small submarine drone can be seen swimming towards the house, heads over to a small tube, and pushes it in, which pushes it through a small hatch similar to the condo and suite.