Tower Express


Holy shit, that would be awesome. For the condo one, it could even be cartoon-styled, where the big package gets visibly squished into the tiny mailslot, only to pop back to full size once it comes through.


Yeah, that sounds even better!


Hope you can actually buy condos from this. So i can buy the Underwater Home if it comes out while I’m at school!


And the driver of that delivery van is a Catsack :3


Sorry it took so long to reply.

The idea that I’m currently going with is that any item (upgrade, house, condo item, customization item), anything you can obtain from a store in Lobby will be purchasable from Tower Express, albeit more expensive.

Random items like those only found via doing events like playing Spin 2 Win or the Ocean Expansion will have Tower Express Store Pages, but the items will never be in stock, as you are meant to actually enjoy those activities to get those items. Same goes with the items from the Arcade.


Thank Christ. I’m getting tired of running out of wood panels and having to leave my condo just to buy more.


“albeit more expensive.”
… how much more expensive?
In the end its your game but I strongly dislike the idea of making items more expensive than they already are.
This game already heavily favors grinding over creation as it is.
If the service is more decently more expensive it probably just wont be used except for rare circumstances or for noobs who may not realize it’s more expensive.

How about this :

  • Introduce bulk prices on items.
    So items get cheaper if you buy a large amount at a time.
  • Get rid of the 30 item buy limit (is this a steam/engine limitation?).
  • Make refunding items give full refund or at least more than 50% of it’s original value.

I don’t mean to be a backseat dev or sound arrogant, I only am just giving this feedback because I really like this game and feel there a lot of potentially awesome creators out there who will never get a chance to develop something cool without :
A ) Getting super lucky at the casino or spending hours on the casino waiting to get super lucky.
B ) Playing minigames to the point which they begin to resent them.
( I have played over 100 games of bowling now and 30+ hours on diamonds )

Solution :
A ) Raise chance of small payouts in casino (jackpot still remains as hard to get)
B ) Raise payouts of all minigames.

I really want it to be clear i’m not demanding any of this, and I’m sure some players may disagree with me, but I strongly believe this game shouldn’t encourage grinding as much as it does. Maybe the grinding won’t seem as bad when there’s options of ‘how to grind’ down the line.


Bulk prices won’t happen, sorry.
The 30 item buy limit is a Steam limitation, which the website won’t have.
Refunding items for full refund would make unlocking items mean basically nothing as you could just keep switching between your decisions.

The unlocking of items is core to Tower Unite. At the moment, it may feel like you’re grinding the same things, but that’s because there’s a lack of things to play right now. The more Game Worlds and Plaza activities (such as the ones we already have planned and are working on) - the less grinding it will feel like.

Pricing the items on the website at an increase gives more of a reason for people to go into the Plaza to buy the items. The increase won’t be an insane amount, but enough.


Are we going to be able of buying from the condo using a Laptop? or PC?


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What is going on?


Nothing. They just removed the checklist.


I’ve started working on it (hopefully to get it out soon) and was clearing up the card.


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Let’s go!
And waste our money on furniture!
When we should be doing other things!
Away from our PC!


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Oh yeah