Too Much Shading on Gold, Chorme and Metallic Materials

I really hate to say this, but, I try to get my game’s performance quality to see gold, chrome, and metallic textures & effects on the bowling balls with no luck.

.: Before Anyone Can Reply :.

  • Yes, I already added -NOTEXTURESTREAMING in my launch options.

.: What I Tried To Fix The Quality :.

  1. I set all my quality performances to High and Ultra, nothing works for me.
  2. I verified integrity of the game cache to fix the quality, still nothing.
  3. I uninstalled, deleted the “Tower Unite” folder, reinstalled, launched the game, log into the servers, and…

…The texture/effects quality on the bowling ball has now been darken by the lighting.

.: Other Stuff I Recorded :.

Do you have High Quality Shaders on?

Yes, but the gold, chrome and metallic material had too much shade.