This makes me sad 2.0 - Now with less sadness!

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(TL;DR: Screenshots of people reviewing Early Access TU like everything from GMT was already implemented, it’s a finished game or just troll reviews. Debate what kind of feedback is appropriate in Steam Early Access Reviews. Forum member linking Valves definition of Early Access versus others describing their definitions of Early Access, partially based on games that misused the system in the past. Forum members shitposting and community guideline violations.)

One of my points in the thread was how it’s a Steam problem when Early Access doesn’t work and how that doesn’t change what it’s supposed to be.

Valve now tackled the issue from the other side: The review section has been updated to list recent reviews more prominently and the game having two scores: Total and Recent.
(Link because the widget that’s supposed to show here isn’t loading for me.)

The negative reviews criticizing stuff that is already being worked on and aren’t changed once the issues are resolved will now only have to be compensated by positive reviews for one score in the long run. As soon as the game had been on Steam for long enough, another score of only recent reviews will be calculated, potentially more accurate for changing games like TU.

While this doesn’t “fix” the problems some games cause for Early Access, it’s a step in the right direction to solve the problem the thread above was probably started because of.

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This guy got salty because his everything was wiped because he cheated. Amazing.


What’s this XD

Some people I know reported their items being reset because of a duplication glitch. I don’t know how true that is though.

Yeah, that’s certainly something that happens. But I think the line is crossed when people see it happen and try to ‘get away with it’, rather than reporting it.

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Unban him