The Workshop Update (


Workshop is here!

With the help of Steam Workshop, you can now create & use custom items and player models!

We’ve made modding easy. Every mod can be downloaded and viewed in real time without the need of manually installing!

This update was a major undertaking and took a lot of effort, so we hope you’ll enjoy it!

Workshop Player Models

Become anything. Select custom player models by using the new action button (default C). Workshop player models also work in Game Worlds!

Workshop Items

Decorate with anything. Place down custom items by using the new workshop items found in Rob’s Imports. Similar to Canvases, workshop items can be placed, scaled, and thrown around in your Condo. We plan to continuously update with new interactive item support in the near future!

You can disable workshop entirely or block specific items in the settings menu. You can also block from the scoreboard by clicking on the item next to the player wearing it.

Want to become a creator? Check out our guide here:

Global Chat

The new chat connects everyone together for the first time. Playing Minigolf and want to see what’s going on in the Plaza? Now you can. You can even chat in the menu!

When a player hosts a public server, a game invite to their hosted server will show up in Global Chat.

Global Chat is moderated by our super friendly staff.

We’ve also updated the chat box to make it the best so far. We’ll be continuing to update it with new features.

Player Emotes

Express yourself, you sTUd muffin. You can use a variety of new emotes such as sit, sleep, chill dance, and more.

Major Changes

  • Workshop support! Load & create custom player models and items!
  • Global Chat. Chat with every player on every server in Tower
  • Added game invite chat messages when players host public games or Condos (friends only games do not send messages)
  • Added player emotes! Express yourself with several emotes
  • New chat UI
  • New appearance menu UI
  • Added new Plaza minigames: Balloon Shoot, Fruit Frenzy, and Target Practice
  • Metal Detector is now usable. Search for treasures that wash up on the beach
  • Rethemed Plaza
  • Players from other Plazas now show up as whisps
  • Added finer rotation if you are holding down the walk key while rotating an item
  • You can now sort server search results by player count, map name, ping, or current round
  • Added player reporting to player profiles
  • New Virus reload sounds! Pretty much every Virus weapon now has reloading sounds
  • Characters now visit the Plaza every so often

Minor Changes

  • Added a grass material to the condo surfaces
  • Potion icons now actually have different colors and a label
  • Improved the look of the settings and added descriptions for gameplay settings
  • Moved condo settings panel to a action menu when you hold C
  • Added new settings: Allow light switch use (Condo), Allow instrument use (Condo), Enable event dialogue, Enable unit effects, Enable unit effect sounds
  • Updated the Condo Save/Load UI. Now shows the proper map icon
  • When the Condo host begins loading a Condo snapshot, it tells clients before loading.

New Items & Item Fixes

We have around 100 new items to share with you all!

  • New Items: Sweet Suite Furnishings

    • Illuminated Fence, Illuminated Fence Post, Fancy Handrail, Handrail, Podium, Standing Picture Frame, Recliner, Grid Bookcase, Canvas Wall, Panel Glass Full, Glass Full Frame Thick, Glass Full Frame Thin, Honeycomb Shelf, Aluminum Bleachers, Canvas Rug, Canvas Circle Rug, Canvas Oval Rug, Decorative Star, Decorative Bulky Star, Laboratory Sink, Laboratory Table, Barbed Wire Fence, Chainlink Fence, Victorian Fence, Wall Sink, Thin Lab Rack, Wide Lab Rack, Large Barbed Wire Fence Gate, Corner Bar Counter, Bar Stool, School Chair, School Desk, Dining Table 3, Dining Chair, and Rope Fence
  • New Items: Central Circuit

    • Simple Lightbulb, Launcher Pad, Podium Microphone, Teleporter, Chocolate Fountain, Victorian Street Light Circle, Victorian Street Light Square, Fancy Chandelier, and Laser Pointer
  • New Items: Rob’s Imports

    • Number Sign, Telephone Pole, Lab Chemicals, Rolling Stepladder, Pallet, Workshop Furniture, Workshop Physics Item, Sedan, Teakettle, Teacup, Eye Wash Station, Canvas Pyramid, Gas Pump, Tall Candlestick, Canvas Horizontal Flag, Canvas Vertical Flag, Canvas Flag Banister, and Canvas Hanging Flag
  • New Items: Songbirds

    • Adjustable Microphone
  • New Items: Seasons

    • Tree Stump, Fern, and Grass Patch
  • New Items: The Stray

    • Magic Trampoline
  • New Items: Celebrations

    • Marshmallow Stick
  • New Items: Accessories

    • Donut Pool Tube, Flamingo Pool Tube, Cycling Glasses, Scuba Mask, Shutter Shades, Sunglasses, Square Glasses, Circle Glasses, Oval Shades, Watermelon Head, Coconut Head, Summer Garden Hat, Sweat Drops, Dripping Wet, Photographer’s Camera, Poker Visor, Sun Visor, Hula Skirt, Hawaiian Lei, and Flower Wristband to Accessories
  • Item Fixes & Changes

    • Moved Popcorn Bucket, Spilled Drink to the Theater
    • Moved Potions, Metal Detector, and Painkillers to The Stray
    • Moved Basketball, Soccer Ball, Soccer Net, and Big Die to the Toy Stop
    • Throwable Knife, Throwable Cleaver, Spooky Gun, Miniature Ghost Pet, Flying Turtle, Potato Gun, Fishing Rod are now properly tagged as Equippable
    • Fixed various typos in the item descriptions and dialogue
    • You can shake the Hula Doll now
    • You can flush the Toilet now
    • Added reset score buttons to the Basketball Hoop and the Soccer Net
    • Metal Detector is now usable. Search for treasures that wash up on the beach
    • Updated the prices of Trees and Bushes in the Nature Store.

Minigolf Changes/Bug Fixes

  • Added glasses tab to the customize your golf ball so you can set glasses on your golf ball as well as hats

  • Fixed all the hat offsets for each hat (redid the entire wearable system)

  • Fixed a bug with hats where the ball shadow effect would draw over top of the hats as well

  • Minigolf: Sweet Tooth Changes/Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that caused balls to go through the loops or bounce off the loops in hole 17
    • The hole in hole 6 is now much more difficult to bounce out of (which will reduce chances of having hole-in-ones fail)
    • Players should no longer get stuck in the pipes
    • Players should no longer stop on the funnel in hole 8
    • Added some new art (Cupcakes, strawberries, and cookies)
  • Minigolf: Kingdom Changes/Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug that caused players to get stuck spinning in circles on the spinner in hole 12
    • Fixed a bug that caused players to get stuck spinning in circles on the spinner in hole 18
    • Players can no longer bounce out of the end area of hole 18
    • Fixed an issue in hole 15 that was causing geometry to intersect with the course and block balls
    • Fixed a bad lightmap in hole 10
    • Balls should no longer stop in front of the hole in hole 13
    • Increased sides of backboards in hole 14 to reduce chances of ball bouncing out of bounds from the geysers
    • Fixed a bug in hole 13 where the side wall that moves up and down was moving in two separate pieces
    • The basket that catches the ball for the hole-in-one in hole 13 has been increased in height, and an invisible wall is now inside the basket that prevents the ball from bouncing out
    • The moving basket in hole 13 now has geometry on its bottom
    • Various moving platforms no longer collide with the camera, to provide a more smooth camera experience
    • The backboard for hole 18 is now twice as thick and the ball should no longer pass through it on occasion
    • The backboard in hole 18 has had its lightmaps fixed
    • Potential fix for moving platforms out-of-bounds issue
    • Filled in the gaps on either side of the geysers in hole 14. They were unnecessary and added nothing to gameplay
    • The moving basket in hole 13 no longer uses a world-aligned texture, so the texture on its floor now moves with it
    • Fixed lightmap seams in hole 5
    • Fixed lightmap seams in hole 15’s carpet
    • Fixed a hole in the map geometry near the end of hole 13
    • Fixed an issue where the geyser in hole 13 would not launch balls that are closer to the outer edge
    • New ambient soundscape for market
    • Some knights now make noises!

Ball Race Changes/Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the spawning camera rotation not being set fast enough for clients (reduced network travel time for the camera rotation)
  • Added hit particles when you hit walls or the floor really hard

Virus Changes/Bug Fixes

  • New Virus reload sounds! Pretty much every Virus weapon now has reloading sounds
  • Moved "player infected player" text element to the kill feed
  • Added wearable support

Zombie Massacre Changes/Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where player zombies could be sucked into black holes
  • Fixed exploding gas pumps/car not networking their effects properly

Condo Changes

  • Smooth dirt terrain is now editable

Game World Changes

  • Updated Game World vote map system to select the top voted map over everything else. If there is no top voted map (or there is a tie), it’ll randomly pick a map

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the House condo looking very dark on certain post process settings
  • Fixed "Friends Only" tag not displaying for friends only servers on the scoreboard
  • Fixed server ban prompt not taking mouse input when first created
  • Fixed slot machines being really dark in the Casino
  • Fixed physics items respawning higher than where they were originally placed
  • Fixed a bug where your character would uncrouch if you crouched then jumped
  • Fixed Ball Race not having a Steam presence name (when you view what your friend is playing, it now shows Ball Race instead of just BR)
  • Improved rotating the player model in the appearance menu on the main menu

You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can follow our weekly developer logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.

(yeah, I know I’m late jeez)

Weekly Dev Log for October 1st, 2018
House with VIP Room and goodies

Well it’s nice to see the TU puns are eternal
Also being able to use the metal detector now, i call dibs on the first golden catsack and any unique items you can only find via metal detectors.

Ya you’re almost 16 hours late with this update post.
Did your cat pull out your internet cable this time?


Thanks Mac. You have done an amazing job!


THE PUNS HAVE RETURNED! Yeah that pretty much ensures this is the best update so far.


oh hey since the trees and stuff changed price, what about all the people who spent money on them previously? will they be able to get that money back?


Nope. It’s apparently pretty difficult to calculate the refund amount for all players, but they wanted to adjust the prices since they were severely overpriced and people kept asking for a readjustment.


oof nice


well if that’s the case can we get repricing on the halloween 2017 items as those items are actually worth less than the ingame water cooler

edit: to put it into a better perspective

Item Quantity Worth Total Worth
Nightmare Crab 2 1000 2000
Skull Candle 4 500 2000
Throwing Knife 6 1000 6000
Floating Candelabra 10 500 5000
Ghost Pet 10 1000 10000
Nasty Cleaver 11 1500 16500
Floating Candle 15 500 7500
Floating Book Pile 15 500 7500
Lantern 15 500 7500
Spooky Gun 26 1000 26000
Canvas Jack-o-Lantern 35 500 17500
Evil Cauldron 40 1000 40000
Eyeball 50 1000 50000

Apparently Discourse auto formats copy/pastes from Microsoft Excel nice


Halloween items were priced like that because you can sell them for that full amount and also you got them pretty often when the event was going on.


The best update we’ve gotten in the history of TU.
Workshop has pulled me back into the game, just like I was worried it would do. :joy::blue_heart:


what about the nightmare crab though
i have 2 and it’s worth as much as eyeballs that i got 50 of


thats a lot of major changes and they are all cool


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