The uPhone (125+ Votes!)


No, but we need fun :hand_splayed::rainbow::hand_splayed:


Lol you dont NEED to.

Use Steam or whatever you said was best for you.
Because this is a idea that went popular and why come here make it look bad with your shitty opinion compared to all the others?

Go ahead and use your steam… No one forces you to use the uPhone…


I have a right to voice my opinion just like everyone else. Don’t get pissy with me just because it hurt your little feelings because it wasn’t the opinion you wanted.

This topic was gone and forgotten to me until you came along with your “shitty” 18 days late comment.


hey man we are trying to promote a friendly environment here
and just because you put shitty in quotes doesn’t make it any better!


I’ve made the experience that flagging posts like those last few tends to lead to threads getting locked when they don’t have to be just because suddenly, people start shitposting. In order to keep the idea open for discussion, I therefore suggest y’all calm the fuck down and read some common sense into yourselves before it’s too late.


Thanks for adding my reply to the post! :smiley:


Does it come with a headphone jack?
I want it either way.


So if there’s new places in the plaza, you will make it on the uphone Unite Maps


Due to the recent addition of Condo Weather, I feel it would be suitable to have some form of Forecast app too if this were to be a thing? Like for example, it could show temperature/wind speed/precipitation, really simple. Maybe it could show you the upcoming weather too, if randomized weather were to be set on (it could set up all of the points as you turn it on).


I love this idea, but you should have included sending gifts to friends. EXAMPLE: my friend has two (2) bubble guns and wants to give one (1) to me, he/she would open the Uphone, go to gift app, and send it to me.


You can change it to 95+ votes now :wink:


And your comment was necessary why exactly?


No idea



I know this is really really old, but I still think this would be an awesome edition to the game!


Ok, I seriously need to resurrect this suggestion because so many of these features are actually becoming so relevant now.

Tracking could be the grouping function.

Call could be tied into Global Chat as a private voice chat system.

Remote could be expanded open and basically become the new CondOS.

Speakers could be the new version of the Radio.

Delivery could be a great way to implement Tower Express into the game.

Unite Maps could be a great way to bring back the map and make it much more useful.

uChat could actually be a much more immersive way to implement Global Chat.

Actually, the whole concept of the phone could be a much better and immersive implementation of the in-game menu. Just have the phone be the menu, instead of having the full-screen menu we have now.


While it is cool for immersiveness, it’s completely pointless. Why redesign a simple and effective design menu for the sole purpose of the phone aesthetic? This is one of those things that, while kinda neat, would be a really ineffective use of development time.

Editing for clarity: The actual features themselves are good and I’d love to see these ‘apps’ become functions some day. The problem I have with it is actually the whole phone redesign part.


The point is the immersion. And it’s not like this game doesn’t already have pointless stuff. Poseidon, Ferris wheel. Hell, to a certain extent, even the condos and the Gameworld ports are kinda pointless. Gameworlds can be accessed from the main menu and the condos mainly just currently serves as a single player sandbox and a way to watch videos with friends, both of which could just be done in Gmod. Not everything has to have a point to justify it’s inclusion. It’d just be a really cool and immersive new UI. And no one said that it had to be developed right this second. Honestly, it shouldn’t. There are way higher priority things right now. But it would be a cool new feature for after EA.


The difference I feel is that those features add to the replayability of the game, and overall add new activities to do. This is by all means just a matter of design preference. I personally really like the current simple menu design, and wouldn’t like it to be changed to include a phone interface ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I really like this Idea i hope it gets added