The uPhone (125+ Votes!)


I wasn’t thinking just real life pictures. Whats stopping players from taking a picture, uploading it to the internet, putting that picture on a canvas, and taking a picture of the canvas?


Well, Since they can implement a feature.

If a canvas is in the frame, then it wont be sent.
Easy coding, trust me.

And i am sure that not alot of people would really spend that much time taking a picture… plugin your phone… Move the picture to your PC… upload the image to the internet… Get the image URL… and then upload it to Tower Unite…


But then that will completely ruin a lot of good pictures. This isn’t about trust, this is about the features of the tool. I’m a coder too, you don’t need to talk to me like I’m 5 years old.

If you think people won’t spend that much time taking a picture go look up SnapChat.


Jesus… ._.

They will find something…
They made a whole game… I think they can prevent things like that…


how about who cares

you can find a way to abuse literally anything


Yup. Nobody here is doubting PTG’s capabilities. Just figured it would be better to come up with a working solution than to assume there will be no issues. As a developer it is your job to predict future problems and stop them before they occur.

Seemingly harmless game ideas are exploited and misused all the time. Look at WoW’s new Mute & Vote-Kick feature. Basically the player is guilty until proven innocent. All it takes is a couple people claiming you were abusing chat and you can get silenced from chat. It could take over 24 hours for a GM to review the reports, and the entire time you are silenced and can’t speak to anyone. There are players who can get kicked from groups because 3 or 4 of the people in the party just want to screw someone over. (There are multiple threads on their forums about this even) Some people go and queue with their friends, get to the 2nd to last boss or the final boss, and then kick the other party member(s) so that they don’t get the full rewards.

It sucks, but there are some really lame people out there. Anonymity can make people do stupid things.


How did we even get here… This is so off-topic rn.
Lets leave it here.


I don’t see why the features of such a Phone wouldn’t be bound to the existing parental control features. If you allow canvases, you allow picture sending. Canvases disabled? So is your phones camera.


the idea is that only friends can send you pictures so what even is the problem

who cares


Oooh, I REALLY like the concept of Item delivery. That will be super great once I earn enough money to buy this.


Isn’t there already some parody phone in Central Circuit? That phone could be given those features and then the CC displays for the thing would actually have some point besides being laughed at.


uPhone Icon

I think it would also be cool if when you buy/have the phone it has a little phone icon at the bottom or top of your screen, you click on it to use the phone. Nothing HD or stuff like that but just a black outline of a phone like this one:

Unite Maps

It would be cool to have an app called Unite Maps. That’s where it shows where you are and it shows where a friend is if they accepted the request: [quote=“Butters, post:1, topic:12661”]
With this uPhone you have the feature to send a tracking request to a player. This allows Player 1 to see where Player 2 is currently located if Player 2 accepts the request.
It would look something like this:


Another app could be uChat where you can talk to friends without people on the server knowing what you are saying and without going to your condo with all of your friends and using private chat there. Also it would be good if you were in different lobbies.

Look Customization

A uSetting app that lets you change the color, sounds, etc.

Stat Tracker

An app that shows how many times you have played each gamemode and other stuff.


Just a few ideas i’d like to add on @Butters :slight_smile:


I’m just going to be honest and say in my opinon it’s a pointless idea. Every suggestion on this forum seems to be a direct clone (rip off) of an already existing game. Putting basic features into something that you suggest, needs to be purchased will cause a lot of confusion for new players. Also almost all the ideas for this phone can already be done by simply pressing Shift + Tab and using the Steam Overlay e.g Calls,requests,pictures. One last thing, the phone in GTA V in my opinion was shit and done my head in having to scroll through a load of stupid pointless contacts to reach my Mechanic so maybe that’s why the idea is so pointless and annoying to me.


I think that map the letter M will be sufficient. Phone I think is odd .


How is this pointless? It’d be a nice thing to put into the game.


There was actually a poll some time ago about a new feature to be added into a game, thanks to one of the stretch goals being reached on the IndieGoGo campaign, and one of the features was actually a cell phone, but it lost to fishing.

I find it incredibly doubtful they’ll add a cell phone as a feature in TU.


Did you read anything i said after “in my opinion it’s a pointless idea.”?

Also[quote=“Alekcan, post:36, topic:12661, full:true”]
I think that map the letter M will be sufficient. Phone I think is odd .

A nice TL;DR for my post :slight_smile:


If you think it’s pointless, just don’t vote for it here, and don’t buy it if it gets put in the game. No need to ruin our fun here.


If it got put in the game i would have to buy it just to use basic functions like a map and friend requests. That’s all I’m saying.[quote=“DominateEye, post:40, topic:12661”]
No need to ruin our fun here

This a safe zone or something?