The stealing game


I take Spydermann’s Coconut gun that fires in spurts. Being confused by what Kirkhope meant by those lyrics, I try hitting the large activation buttons with my fists, Its not effective as hitting them does literally nothing. A thought appears as I see coconut symbols on these large squares. I use the Coconut gun to activate the switches in a mysterious jungle. Large gates began to creak loudly.

Exiting through the gates, I drop a 20 sided polyhedral dice out of my loose pocket.


I pick up Radiant Akira’s D20 and put it in my pocket, I’ve been looking for a good D20 for awhile now.

While thinking about the current D&D campaign I havnen’t been a part of in ages, I accidentally drop my high capacity 02 tank.


I take ToxicBoo’s tank for a test run.

But the bumpy surface causes me to lose a can of petrol.


I take Agent2583’s can of petrol and use it to blow up the nearest gas station.

While walking away in Micheal Bay style with explosions behind me, the blast blows away a ghostly gibus hat that was peacefully resting upon my head onto the ground.


I take the Gibus and sell it to a clothes shop.

While I do that, a Hungover Hero hat falls out of my backpack, but Samuel L Jackson picks it up, and while he does that, loses it in a scuffle with a unknown person*.

  • = The Next Person to Reply


I take Samuel L Jackson’s hungover hero hat and give it back to Agent because Samuel L Jackson has enough money to buy one.

Meanwhile, on the way to the shop, my Revolving Service Structure (RSS) of launch pad 39B falls out of my pocket.


Because it is too big to fit into a pocket, I take it back to Cape Canaveral to watch a rocket launch.

While I was pushed back from the shockwave of the launch, papers fell out of my bag


I take Agent’s papers and write down Kick me and tape it to a nearby statue that conveniently rested there.
While doing my weird objectives, my sword holding thingy on my back makes me drop my diamond sword and diamond pickaxe with 64 diamonds onto the ground, vulnerable to theft.


I quickly pick up all of the diamond stuff and try to run for it, but I accidentally somehow fall into a lava pit and die.

Before falling into my magma based grave, I quickly throw my Nintendo 3DS to safety.


I pick up the suspiciously abandoned Nintendo 3DS and attempt to boot it up. However, it seems that some sort of sudden shock or force rendered the device broken, as if the device were hurled a distance before impacting hard ground. Quite the shame, I didn’t even get a chance to break it like I did that one chainsaw…

Finding no other viable use for it, I “accidentally” drop the Nintendo 3DS, but due to some awkward fumblings I manage to accidentally slip my Driver’s License in there without realizing it.


I take Arkive’s driving liscense and give it to a sentient sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea. Time to cause havoc.
While making a sponge kill at least 5% of the population, I drop my bird seeds, such a shame, I was going to use them to feed the crows.
Wait, driving licenses don’t work like that!


I grab the bag of Bird Seed and spread it out so the birds can eat.

But as they ate, they nabbed a block of unopened cheese from my shopping bag


I take the cheese, and i throw it to the rats.

While I throw it to the rats, my Burning Team Captain drops.


I pick up the burning team captain and sell it for 1 million keys.

However in the process of doing so I have now dropped my Quintessential Guide to Quantum Tunneling and Dimensional Bridges.


I take the guide, and forget what i’m doing, so i just throw it away.

While ducking it into the trash, I accidentally drop my Steam Workshop Support.


I take his Steam Workshop Support and give it to Mac,

But while I give the support to Mac, I lose Blueprints for a brand new Zombie Massacre Map.


I take Agent’s Blueprints for a brand new Zombie Massacre Map and eat it.

While enjoying a 5 star cuisine, I drop myself


I don’t pick up someone who tripped.

While questioning how one may drop themself, I drop a Undertale Fangirl I was going to strangle.


I go to help up the Undertale fangirl Spydermann was about to strangle, but once I help her up, she suddenly goes off on a tangent about Undertale and how it’s the greatest game to ever exist and how sans is the funniest character in video game history. The only thing I can really do at this point is just continuously smile and nod politley while seeking any means of escaping the useless conversation.

But in my desperation to leave, I accidentally drop my copy of Splatoon 2.


I take the copy of Splatoon 2, and complete the unfinished parts of the game on my own Nintendo Switch.

But after I played the game and put it back in it’s box, a leaking pen falls out of my pocket