The Road Ahead: July 2017


Zombie Massacre has to be the most exciting bit for me here (never played it or anything, but I understand the game style). I started playing Alien Swarm while I wait because of having watched the gmod vid x3

The other bits are like a bonus. I always play for fun rather than farming money since I believe that is what the game should be about in the first place :3

I am curious about Accelerate and thought that was next, noticed 1 year ago exactly it was voted for in a poll as top requested.

Keep it up :smiley: hoping to see Arcade soon too


oh man oh boy i cant wait for zombie massacre


Hopefully I’ll be back to this after a year off.


All aboard the hype train!


What about the video poker payouts? I know it’s part of the casino games, but this one barely pays out enough to make a profit and the jackpot is kinda a joke.


Had me at achievement.


I’d rather have a casino nerf than a gameworld buff (which seems pretty extreme), and I still don’t think changing the payouts will get people out of the casino. For many, there’s something very relaxing about the casino, along with the possibility of a huge jackpot not really comparable to what gameworlds reward.
We’ll see, I guess. The rest of the list seems rad, though.


Zombie Massacre! Yes!


wait, nearly DOUBLING gameworld unit payout? can’t wait to buy 50 silver catsacks after a single virus game.


I like all of these changes and look forward to seeing them in game. The increased payouts is an excellent idea, previously if I wanted to save for something I’d just sit in the casino while I watched Netflix on my second monitor. Having more motivation to play minigames is always good. The unified lobby will be interesting, hopefully the moderation will be pretty good because the spam from just one lobby can get out of hand quickly. Plaza events sound interesting and I am very hype for achievements.


I would mainly focus on the current game worlds, especially PP


I got my ticket ready for the hype train.


TBH, I don’t think increasing the payouts is a good thing. If you can earn everything quicker, you’ll run out of goals sooner


never said it was good, I actually think the opposite. Making Units easier to get, will decrease the value of units, which will cause an inflation. I have a PHD in Unitconomics.


I am only excited for Plaza Events, Payouts Increase, Achievments, Milestones, Bagdes, Stats and Zombie Massacre.


so… Everything?


almost everything. Global Chat & Chat Rewrite , Fisching, Shared Plaza Players arent that great in my opinion.


Yes, I agree. An inflation could cause massive damage to the visitor enjoyment of the TU resort, as disclosed in this very detailed graph of mine


Achievements, milestones, badges, upgrades, catsack items, metal detector finds, ocean expansion, [redacted], and leaderboards are all goals that have little to do with Units.

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