The Resort Update (

New Condo: Resort

Fans of GMod Tower, we’re very proud to finally release the HD remake of the original GMod Tower lobby 1 map. This new condo map will be very useful in the upcoming Community Condo update!

Everything from the original map was faithfully recreated and updated for Tower Unite. You can customize a lot of the condo, including materials, lighting, day/night, and weather. It’s a massive condo that features a pool with diving boards, a cozy cabin with a small pond, 12 individual suites, a shopping center, a bar, and more!

VenTUre out and grab yourself that nostalgia at the Condo Realtor store in Sweet Suites.

New item: Customizable NPCs!

Want to create your own characters? Well, now you can! In this update we’ve added a new item called NPC which allows you to write dialogue for characters in your Condo.


These characters can be customized in various ways and have Workshop support!


  • Added new Condo: Resort, a recreation of GMod Tower’s original lobby.
  • Added new item: NPC, a customizable non-playable character that you can write dialogue for

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Projector light intensity affecting FPS due to recent changes
  • Fixed Neon Bar materials due to recent colorable changes
  • Fixed several materials on items due to recent colorable changes
  • Reduced texture memory size on several items
  • Fixed game queue UI element colliding with chat box

Upcoming Updates

You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can follow our weekly developer logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.


Based devs



I am this update’s number 1 fan

Is there going to be a “That new Condo” episode for this?

We’re working on a video, but we’ve decided to retire “That New Condo”.

:frowning: that sucks. are there going to be other new videos for any future condos, that will still be like showcase videos, but won’t be following the “That New Condo” theme? i’m assuming there will need to be a showcase video for the condo realtor’s TV.

Yeah, they’re just gonna be showcase videos with some music, no real dialogue.



write a novel detailing jeff’s death

this just in: the new condo showcase episodes are like horror movies, with the antagonist being dave. dave appears with glowing red eyes while eerie music plays, but the video looks normal, aside from being haunted by dave.

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Great work!


It’s 12:00 am, second time this week I stood up this late, when I play tu again, my next 12:00 am will be spent grinding for resort

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