The Prizim Podcast 2019 Masterpost!


Howdy Guys! Alex here. This will be where I’m announcing shows for 2019 for the Prizim Podcast. If you’re interested in coming to a show, follow or track this post to receive updates! You can also post whatever screenshots from the show that you’d like if you get any! If you can’t physically come to a show, then you can catch it HERE on Twitch!

Tonight’s show will be Feb 23rd, at 10pm EST Be there or be Square!


oh boy i don’t wanna be a square
EDIT: just watched it on twitch, and that was actually really funny lol


Hey Alexer good to hear you’re doing some cool shows, will there be early daytime shows too?


I’m fine with being a square to be honest. If I do come may I retain my status as a square?


So! We’ll be having our next show this Saturday, MARCH 9th! If drops, we’ll do a special event, but if not, there will still be plenty to talk about! See you round the show!


Just a Reminder for everyone about our March 9th Show tomorrow! Since Dropped, We’ll be meeting in the New York 1 Lobby first and doing a Tour around the lobby and all of its new/refubished attractions before heading into the Studio! We’ll also have a special game event, as well as plenty to talk about on our NEW STUDIO SETUP! We’ll catch you there Live in person, or on twitch at! See You guys there!!




SO! Thanks to all who attended the show tonight! our Next show will be Saturday, March 23rd! Feel free to stop on by then, or swing by the twitch!

I’d also like to give a big thanks to @Shilliam_Wakesphere for making the new Prizim Podcast Neon signs! They look fantastic and I’ll stick em down below!

I’d also like to present our new Prizim Podcast Poster and Framed T-shirt! Both of these items will be displayed below for you to stick in your condos at your leisure!

Catch you guys then!

New Poster! -

New Framed T-shirt! -

Collection of Workshop Merch!