Summer 2019! (

Summer is here! While we’ve been actively busy working on Arcade, some of us have spent time working on a TUbular Summer update to celebrate the season.

We’ve added two new minigames: Chainsaw Deathmatch and Booze Bash. Chainsaw Deathmatch is a classic GMT minigame but with its own death arena.

Franky’s grill is now open! He’s got hot dogs and beer for you to drink responsibly.

Our resident pool tube expert (a.k.a. Josh) crafted 53 beautiful pool tubes for you to express yourself with.


  • New Plaza minigame: Chainsaw Deathmatch

  • New Plaza minigame: Booze Bash

  • Franky’s grill is now open

  • Added new summer related items:

    • Holdable Beer (casually drink beer anywhere. please drink responsibly)
    • Holdable Hot Dog
    • Holdable Soda
    • Orbiting Sun (keep your sunny friend close)
    • Pool Noodle (smack your friends)
    • Sparkler (draw in the air)
    • Beanbag
    • Cornhole Board
    • Pineapple Glasses
    • Palm Tree Glasses
    • Inflatable Glasses
    • Neon Light Glasses
    • Steampunk Goggles
    • Holographic Sunglasses
    • Holographic Backpack
    • Flower Crown
    • Bowler Hat
    • Cig
    • Ushanka (okay well sometimes it can get cold at night during the summer and well…)
  • Our resident pool tube expert (a.k.a. Josh) crafted these beautiful pool tubes for you to express yourself with:

    • Airplane Pool Tube
    • Alien Pool Tube
    • Balloon Dog Pool Tube
    • Boat Pool Tube
    • Burger Pool Tube
    • Cat Pool Tube
    • Cherry Pool Tube
    • Chicken Pool Tube
    • Coconut Pool Tube
    • Cool Duck Pool Tube
    • Cool Snake Pool Tube
    • Cosmic Pool Tube
    • Crocodile Pool Tube
    • Diamond Pool Tube
    • Dog Pool Tube
    • Dragon Pool Tube
    • Eagle Pool Tube
    • Fish Pool Tube
    • Fox Pool Tube
    • Giraffe Pool Tube
    • Gold Pool Tube
    • Heart Pool Tube
    • Holographic Pool Tube
    • Horse Pool Tube
    • Iridescent Pool Tube
    • Lime Pool Tube
    • Neon Pool Tube
    • Orange Pool Tube
    • Palm Tree Pool Tube
    • Pelican Pool Tube
    • Pig Pool Tube
    • Pinata Pool Tube
    • Pineapple Pool Tube
    • Pizza Pie Pool Tube
    • Pool Pool Tube
    • Popcorn Pool Tube
    • Racecar Pool Tube
    • Rainbow Pool Tube
    • Shark Pool Tube
    • Silver Pool Tube
    • Snake Pool Tube
    • Splash Pool Tube
    • Stingray Pool Tube
    • Strange Pool Tube
    • Swan Pool Tube
    • Toilet Pool Tube
    • Toucan Pool Tube
    • Turtle Pool Tube
    • UFO Pool Tube
    • Unicorn Pool Tube
    • Watermelon Pool Tube
    • White Horse Pool Tube
  • Added an option to disable gore

  • Added appearance button on quick context UI (when you hold C) in Plaza/Condo

  • Improved appearance item unlock feature so you can actually see the item icon instead of the giant shopping cart icon

  • Bongo now changes pitch while looking up or down

  • Catpack now has scuba gear when you go underwater

  • Best Pickup Line achievement now works

Bug Fixes

  • Minigolf: Fixed Garden Hole 17 HIO pipe
  • Fixed fishing while on rocks not working all the time
  • Fixed a massive invisible block/barrier preventing from placing down fireworks on the boardwalk
  • Fixed fish not swimming around properly in Condos
  • Fixed flashlight being way too bright
  • Fixed floating tree above lazy river
  • Fixed a debug brush still existing near the docks
  • Fixed pool tubes no longer going into pool tube mode after you jump out of the water (now they re-enable after 5 seconds automatically)


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Happy summer yall

Indeed, can’t wait for the arcade!


where’s the tube guy

this is a sunshine day moment

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Today was a good day.


Well if you gotta do something its better to go overboard with it.

The banner says “over 53 new pool tubes.” I must protest! lol

Happy summer, everyone! (Unless you live below the Equator…)

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the leaning tower of tower


The number of unique items with new effects, the mountain of new pool tubes and Chainsaw Battle make this a hefty seasonal event!

The cig is by far my favorite new item, was so happy to see it even lights up and puffs smoke! We need individual item offsets so I can make it look perfect on all my models!

10/10. Seasonal updates are getting so good!


Good work.

oh boy the topic closes in 20 hours better fix that



5 hours now.

3 hours

an hour.

Goodbye everyone :((

20 minutes
See ya

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