The Oasis and Poseidon Coaster Update (


Get ready to capTUre your best moments on the Poseidon coaster as it’s now available to ride! Don’t forget to stop by Ball Race and explore the Oasis, a new map by Johanna based on work by former community member Neox.

Major Changes

  • Added new Ball Race map: Oasis
  • Poseidon Rollercoaster is now ridable!
  • New locomotion (walking, running, crouching) animations for Lobby/Condo players
  • New swimming animations for Lobby/Condo players
  • Overhaul of Steam inventory implementation to support Steam inventory stacks
  • Increased the amount of items per store purchase from 30 to 100
  • Laser Projector has been updated to allow for custom expression effects (read more on this on the guide)

Plaza Changes

  • Moved location of Estate Agent (Horizon Condos)
  • Started construction of the new Nature store
  • Updated the interior of the Arcade with the latest arcade models
  • Made some general optimizations to the Plaza map
  • Laser Tag artwork was optimized and polished


  • Ball Race: Melons now rotate and float
  • Added LOD’s to various condo items
  • Laser Projector was optimized and has new laser beams. Developer Note: Lasers do not have endpoints in this build, but will in a future build.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an inventory issue where equippables would dequip sometimes
  • Fixed inventory issue where dragging an item from the world into your inventory wouldn’t go in the hovered slot
  • Fixed Bowling TV animations for strike and spares not playing properly
  • Fixed a bug where your head would move while using the view self mode (holding right click) in Lobby
  • Fixed plenty of Out of Map issues in Plaza
  • Fixed weird reflection issue on top of the Bowling Exterior
  • Fixed odd collision on the Rollercoaster signs
  • Monorail supports now have proper collisions
  • Fixed slightly misplaced collision box outside of Laser Tag
  • Fixed the Monorail connector and various other items from randomly appearing near the Monorail bridge
  • Removed random geometry that was sticking out of the Fresh store
  • Fixed issue with Beach chairs outside the Beach houses facing you in the wrong direction
  • Fixed glasses not working on Milk Carton
  • Improved monorail networking - other players will stand in the monorail alot more stable now

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You can follow our daily logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.

I remember a while ago the devs said the next major update would be fishing



yAy ;D


Looks awesome so far, can’t wait to load it up!


Very nice!

Haven’t played TU in a while, think I’ll get on and check it out later.


I dig Oasis alot! I haven’t played Ball Race in months and upon firing it up, I was zippin through relatively no problem. Great map.



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