The Nightclub Update (

The Nightclub is now open!

Yes, it’s here! The Nightclub features a full fledged visualizer with YouTube and Soundcloud support. Order drinks at the bar, or play billiards in the pool hall. Soundcloud music is fully visualized and synced with the lights of the Nightclub.

New Multiplayer Game: 8-Ball Billiards

Featured in the Nightclub (and soon Arcade and Casino) is 8-ball Billiards. Play with a friend or by yourself. Chalk not included (not a joke, we haven’t added chalk yet to the game).

New Little Crusaders Map: Mystic Grove

Mystic Grove takes place in a dark and foreboding forest that holds special power. Only those who are worthy enough can wield the sword and use it against the powerful dragon.

Sneak around and use your lanterns sparingly, for the Dragon is hungrier at night.


  • Nightclub is now open
  • Billiards is now available to play in the Nightclub
  • Nightclub bar is now open
  • Little Crusaders: Mystic Grove
  • Sync your dances to the music: You can now adjust the speed of your emotes by holding CTRL and using the mouse wheel to adjust the speed of your current emote
  • Plaza: Upped AFK timer from 60 seconds to 3 minutes in Plaza
  • AFK HUD now shows up in Plaza
  • AFK HUD now warns you when you are about to go AFK
  • Added media volume slider to the bottom left of the HUD when you have any media player being watched
  • LC: Added a dynamic light when knights are on fire
  • LC: Added depth shadow for dragon so you can see the dragon at all times as the dragon
  • Moved Haunted Painting item to DIY store
  • LC: Knights now have longer sprint durations, and higher rank knights get slightly longer sprint durations
  • LC: Increased dragon sprint speed by 10%
  • LC - Knightsend-by-Sea lighting pass

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed emote camera offsets not colliding with the floors, which allowed the camera to clip through the ground
  • When you view yourself, the camera now remembers where it was before and interps back to that position instead of rotating the player into a new rotation after finishing viewself
  • Plaza: Fixed Lighthouse lamp not always being on at night
  • Plaza optimizations and misc collision fixes
  • Plaza: Fixed interior atmospheric fog enabling when streaming from one interior to another interior
  • Fixed player action UI (the C menu) always recreating itself, which would cause bandwidth usage as it reloaded the workshop information each key press
  • Fixed Movie Theater Seat item being off center

Known Issues

  • Due to the visualization system, Soundcloud in the Nightclub currently does not sync when players enter late. We are working on resolving this

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