The moderation staff team is the most irresponsible team on this planet

((Just gonna point this out here that this thread will probably not be approved cause the devs are literally shitting their pants when someone criticize them or their game in any shape or form, but here goes.)

So a week ago I got myself permanently voice banned, a ban that I did not see coming cause someone was recording me when I was having a conversation with my friends, and we did not troll, we did not say anything inappropriate, there was atleast 9-10 people there in the fountain, and someone decided to record, and clip ONE little segment from what I said, and post it as “evidence”
The next morning I am finding myself voice banned permanently, and based on the moderation team, they have said I have been voice banned before, but unfairly so.
the first voice/chat ban I got was when there was an open conversation about furries, and then someone takes the conversation wrong, clips out one segment of where I typed something bad about furries (which was just logic and facts.) and then bam, chat banned for 24 hours.
The next one was when I was defending myself against a transphobe, I called him a school shooter, he reported me, I reported him for being a bigot and a transphobe, and BAM, I get voice banned for 1-2 weeks, and he gets absolutely nothing.

Now here is where the issue is, When I send a ban appeal in, all I am getting is “ban appeal denied” Whoever that writes back on these ban appeals are the most laziest individual on this planet, and the most irreponsible aswell, where is the why, how, and what? Why did I get banned? where is the evidence? where is the 2 side of every story? I have told them this before, why believe one side of a story or evidence, when you guys haven’t clearly looked at ALL the evidence.
I could literally record people on Tower Unite all day, and 95% of those people would get banned for "Inappropriate behaviour"
It just doesn’t make any sense, you say “Inappropriate behaviour” yet you guys have alcohol in nightclub that underage kids on this game can drink and get drunk, and people can have NSFW condos.
No, sorry, this isn’t a me problem, this is a DEV problem.
Also a question, do you guys think I am completely oblivious to the obvious trans/homophobia that the dev team fumes out? maybe if I was a “str8 bro” and part of the backer team, you guys would have been a bit more serious with my ban appeal.
Also another thing, I dont want any grief from any supporters up in here telling me that “oh they have a irl job, they cant answer ban appeals ALL the time” Then why does MacD Guy have the time to respond to negative steam reviews 24/7 about the game that he and his team built up? but cannot respond to a ban appeal, I dont think you get THAT many ban appeals.
This move by the most irresponsible dev team on this planet shows that they are trying to kill their community, and it shows.

What? Where are you seeing this? The dev team is openly lgbt positive, homophobia is a bannable offense, there’s a canonically nonbinary character, etc. I don’t think they could be less homophobic if they tried.


Going to be real with you, I extremely doubt anything close to what you’re saying is what happened. Not only because people have biases, but because you extremely defend yourself, say shit “No no! I was just using FACTS and LOGIC” makes you sound like you were being an asshole, got in trouble, and now are upset because of it.

Also you can not be taken seriously if a part of your argument is that “underage can fictionally drink!!” buddy, champ, buckaroo bonzai, I got news for you about how video games work, if the game was rated by board, due to the gambling and alcohol, plus inclusion of a gender-queer character and its online nature, I strongly strongly doubt it would be anything sub M

Maybe you should look back on your actions and behavior and figure out why you were banned, instead of coming crying to the forum.


Damn, I wonder why would you get banned.

Another thing, every time I was hanging out with my friends, or even random people for that matter you would always make some comment towards us, either me or my friends, and always made me extremely uncomfortable. The matter in which you talk to other people is extremely rude and, quite frankly, I believe the ban was 100% deserved. I saw and heard how you talk to people and you should really think about how you behave on a game in which there are so many children that you claim should be protected.


You were banned for Explicit & Sexual Chat and Harassment. You have over 50 previous user reports and 8 previous bans and warnings of varying degree.

Considering you got several people to spam our appeal email and further harassment of our developer team, it’s not helping your ban appeal.

We are LGBTQIA+ friendly. There are team members who are under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella and we are an equal opportunity hirer.

Ban appeal emails will always be short and sweet, we don’t like to get into arguments with people who are appealing. Ban appeals are handled case by case.

We have rules clearly listed on our forums and in-game chat.