The great wall of GMT posters

I finally finished it, I present to you: The Great Wall of Gmod Tower Posters. 128 posters = 128000 Units.

For the images go to this thread I made earlier: Collection of all original GmTower posters for use in Tower Unite


Looks really good. :yum:

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That’s neat and cool!
It takes about 30s to load them all after entering the condo ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, well actually they all load and then go to “canvas failed to load” so I have to force every single one of them to load again.
(skip to 0:20)


That would become pretty painful having to reload them :dizzy_face:
Still, it’s nice. :ok_hand:

Yeah it’s really annoying, already submitted a bug report.

I’m going to give you some advices @JesusFreak gave me:

Make sure the url you’re using isn’t " https " but “http”… dunno why, but " https " makes canvases fail sometimes…

Also make sure all your images you’re using come from the same website, it’s easier to load!

Nice wall ! :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll try this out.

You can use Imgur, it’s really quick and easy to upload an image!

I use my own domain :wink:

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It was going so well, until they all died… :new_moon_with_face: