The Double or Nothing Machine Screwed Me Over

tl;dr in bold

My friend and I were having a friendly competition for who could get the double or nothing machine to x10 the quickest, and after multiple hours and over $12000 spent, I finally got it! At the time, I was streaming the game from my PC to my laptop. Unfortunately, and I know that this will sound fishy, my game began to freeze up as soon as I got to x10. I frantically attempted to get my computer unfrozen, so that I could claim the money, but my game crashed. When I ran to my desktop, the game was still running, and I was standing behind the seat of the machine, and the money was still on the screen. I sat down, screenshotted the momentous moment (the screenshot is on my Steam profile!), and… found that the button to receive all the money didn’t work. I pressed it many times, and couldn’t withdraw any of the money. I began to type in Global chat to ask for help, but I think I missed the talk key, because as soon as I pressed space I heard the machine beep and it began to flash the word “Nothing.” As the number on the screen plummeted, so did my spirit. I sank into a deep and seemingly endless despair, but alas- I remembered that this game had been crafted by no ordinary devs- but devs of boundless generosity and wisdom. So, long story short, I posted on the Steam forums as well as on these.

I know this story sounds a little bit fishy, but there is no reason someone else would leave without retrieving his money if he won x10! There must be a way for me to reclaim/be compensated for my hard earned money…

Thanks for any help I can get!

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Sorry about the series of unfortunate events that happened to you. Unfortunately, the units weren’t claimed as the spacebar press started a new round, and because of that that win was reset.

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I understand that, but it is because of the cash out button not working that I could not get the money in the first place. Is it possible for me to somehow get reimbursed for the amount I lost?

Unfortunately it is not possible.

Is the cash out button still broken on Double or Nothing? I remember it broke a while back.

It’s just a game bro
also 12000 isn’t that much