The Death Game


pydermann killed plokit because that is definetly not an overreaction


Plokit killed Spydermann because Spydermann killed Plokit after Plokit killed Spydermann


spydermann killed plokit because i have to sleep now


Plokit killed Spydermann because me too


LittleLuke killed Plokit because he is awake and Plokit sleep


Plokit killed LittleLuke because he replied passed his bed time


LittleLuke killed plokit because it was in the morning


Plokit killed LittleLuke because he’s a bad liar and it shows when the post was made.


LittleLuke killed Plokit and says “timezones biatch”


Plokit killed LittleLuke because time zones don’t matter when you posted 10 hours ago saying you need to go to sleep, and then posted again, still 10 hours ago.


spydermann killed plokit because i felt like it


Plokit brutally murdered Spydermann with the saw gun because he looks like a zombie


spydermann killed plokit because NO GUNS ALLOWED


Plokit killed Spydermann because he made fake rules and brought a knife to a gunfight.


spydermann killed plokit for thinking i brought a knife, i brought an egg cannon


Plokit killed Spydermann for making another lame egg joke


Agent killed Plokit for having an issue with Egg jokes.


Plokit killed Agent2583 for thinking egg jokes are funny if you’re beyond the age of 10


DENMarkus killed Plokit because he doesn’t understand us


Plokit killed DENMarkus because he didn’t explain where the egg jokes started