The Death Game


Heavysteam killer WHOAG for trying to ban someone and not finishing the message.


The Sink God killed Heavysteam for the incorrect usage of the word “killed” (“killer”).


DEnMarkus Killed The_Sink_God for insulting someones grammar.


Spydermann killed DENMarkus on his way to another dimension because while he was ascending his shoe loosened and hit them on the head.


Agent Killed Spydermann for having a dead TU Meme Birb as a profile picture.


Eriberto killed Agent again for killing a man who killed someone who had killed someone because of his awful grammar.


Agent killed Eriberto from the grave for creating a chain of killing someone that I never killed.


Spydermann killed Agent somehow while being dead to upgrade his stranges on some specific game, where a flame man has a jet pack.


Zoroark_is_Pilot_Sco killed Spydermann because one of the missions for that particular jetpack for that particular flame man is stupid enough to kill you.


Spydermann killed Zoroark_is_Pilot_Sco because he looked at their death note 6 times and didn’t understand it.


Agent killed Spydermann because he looked at the note from at least 6 months ago.


spydermann killed agent because electric lemon people are not allowed


Agent Re-kills Spydermann because Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru. Also that’s unacceptable.


xxx_DENMarku$_xxx Kills Agent because UNACCEPTABLE!!!
get it?


Agent Kills Denmarkus because he made an adventure time reference.


DENMarkus Kills Agent because hes a stalking


spider dude with a birb profile picture kill circle mg man because thats how this game goe


Arkive killed Spydermann because Arkive really wanted to steal the letter “s” from him.


pydermann killed arkive for stealing his s


Plokit killed Spydermann for overreacting

while simultaneously reviving this thread