The Countdown (An GMT Farewell event)

NOTICE: I am updating this post frequenly/daily, keep watching for new updates!


##The Countdown
A GMod Tower Farewell Event
Hosted by Plasma

About this event:
This is a unofficial event. There is only 10 days left of GMod Tower, so I’m planing to have a Photoshoot in my condo.

Click the image for the Photoshoot album


Im joining this party, when does it start?

I’ll miss Gmod Tower so much when it’s gone. :cry:

@Gred0 I’ll miss it too, but with the new engine they’re using, all the source engine limitations are gone. Can’t wait to see everything that gmod tower wasn’t able to add.

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I’m in!

The correct usage of the article is “an”.

In such cases, we ignore adjectives (as they are excess) and look at the nown being described by the article. The object that the article uses is “event”, not “GMT” or “Farewell”. Therefore, we use “an”, in order to express “an event”.

It looks weird, but it’s correct. It’s the same for when you answer the phone and someone asks to speak with you; you are actually supposed to say “This is he/she”, not “This is him”.

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Man, I remember when Lobby 1 had a Countdown for its last moments before switching over to Lobby 2. This is going to be incredible!

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I am ready for the countdown event! :heart_eyes_cat: I will miss gmod tower, :crying_cat_face: I made many friends and memories there; But with every word written, turn of the page, and each chapter end, comes a new chapter just waiting to be made. So see you all there at the end! :joy_cat:

I’ll be there!

Hey look mom! Im in the video!

(I am the black male07 with the tophat where the people are in the boardwalk.)

When the event gonna start exactly? How many hours?

Damn, almost 4 years passed by since I first joined GMod Tower. And now I am witnessing the last 10 days of it. Impressive!
Not sure if I’ll be there for the event, but hopefully I will.

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I cant connect to the gmod tower server, everytime i join. It says that the server is running on an old version of gmod, can anyone help me?

Wait for the server hoster to update his GMod.

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I’ve been going on GMTower for a long time (I think since summer of 2009 or so) and while I’m sad to see it go I cannot wait for what Tower Unite brings us. I’m prepared to leave the Source Engine behind and finally play the game they’ve always envisioned without limitations. Thanks for all the great years you’ve given us and here’s to many more on Tower Unite!

No countdown counter in Lobby today? How disappointing :mask:

THE END IS NIGH! :new_moon_with_face:But for reals this seems dope, I’ll try to get in on this.

I missed today’s event.:disappointed:

You haven’t missed the event, there wasn’t one scheduled today. The first one is tomorrow.


Oh, I thought it was today.:relieved: