The Countdown (An GMT Farewell event)

It is today.

I’m going to miss those low framerates and long load times.

dung timezones

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This is still happening yes?

shut up im not crying you are

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Sorry, everyone. The Slide Tube Racing and Spin for the Win mini-events was a complete disaster. I full responsibility for the mess and I should’ve planned ahead.

I understand if you guys are expecting a full-scale event, but this is an unoffical event and is only small.

A lot of participants complained about the luck in the first mini-events. I completely understand, and next time I shouldn’t base events around it.

This doesn’t mean the “Countdown event” isn’t happening, it’s still planned to continue until the closure of GMT. But I’ll be doing the mini-events probably less frequently. This way, I can take some time to plan ahead and prepare.

To make up for the less and cancelled Mini-events, I’m hosting a photoshoot in my condo for 9 days. Feel free to ask me if you want a shot in this photoshoot.

Once again, I’m sorry for the mess everyone. But I’m not giving up, because the Countdown is still ticking, and I still plan to make the last 9 days count. Thank you for reading.


Don’t worry too much about it.

I plan to be at the rest of the events.:relaxed:

on my way now to this photoshoot sir

When will the photoshoot take place?

can i participate? 3 pm utc was around 10 pm for me so i couldn’t be around that late
busy life

It’s okay plasma, you’ve still got a few days. :3 I would like to participate in the photoshoot

I’d like to participate in the photoshoot.

Just wanna say your are doing fabulous job with the tools that you have. It is nice to see you making an effort to make our farewell to GMT special :smiley:


days go by, parties start and end. BUT TOWER IS FOREVER!!! i want to join the photoshoot. :smile_cat:

Me too I’d like to join the photoshop!

I want in on that photo shoot!

As long as the photoshoot is on the weekend, I would love to be in it!

Today is the last Monday GMT will be alive ^^

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It’s okay… Mondays are the worst day of the week.
Kumbaya tho…

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