The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


Wish granted, but you get stuck in a Pokemon game like one of those bad scary stories on the internet.

I wish I wasn’t patrolling the Mojave wishing for a nuclear winter.


wish granted but now you explode

i wish @Agent2583 realized i meant to spell fortnite like “fortain”


Wish granted but you explode.

I wish people could no longer use “lel u explod” as a wish corruption.


wish granted but you implode

i wish
#wow i found this text its very cool isnt it


Wish granted!.. But it didn’t work.

I wish Mother 3 had an official English translation.


wish granted but the every time you quit the game you lose your save data

i wish garfield would stop being so fat, a fat cat, he is eating us out of food and home, where did all the hamburger helper go?


Wish granted but john died

i wish i rightfully got my record in user vs. moderation


wish granted but the thread gets deleted

i wish for the thread to come back


Wish granted but you lose your eyes and nose

I wish for hhhgregg


wish granted but hhhgregg loses his eyes and nose too

i wish i didnt forget my wish


wish granted but you did wish also despacito

i wish for despacito 2


No. Despacito means slowly in Spanish so you’re gonna have to go Despacito to get your wish.

I wish to go to Xalax from Lego Racers 2.


wish granted but it is not real and you despacito start to regret that post

i wish to despacito drown


You get rescued by a Spanish Sailor.

I wish to have chilled monkey brains from Indiana jones.


wish granted, but later, monkeys knock you unconscious, take your brain out, and freeze it to make a chilled agent2583 brain

i wish that people still make garfielf videos


Wish granted, but he got kicked out of house for eating to much foods


you didnt wish so you got struck by lightning

i wish for hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



wish granted but you get jjjjjjjjjjjjj

i wish for



you get an i donkey kong, but every 3 seconds a picture of dong shows up

i wish for
#preformatted heading


Wish granted, but the preformatted heading is in comic sans.