The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


i watched that video yesterday too

Anyways, HOLY GODS 1,500 POSTS! You get 1,500 pepperonis on your pizza. Too much. You cannot peel them off.

I wish I was good at playing Spy in TF2.


Wish granted but you keep talking and everyone knows your location

I wish we can celebrate the 1500 post milestone.


Wish granted, but the celebration…
Nothing but eerie silence

I wish for some bitcoins


Wish granted but you get mailed coins that are cut up into little bits, not even worth anything.

I wish for nice tasting cereal


Wish granted, but some low quality african cereal that only africans call tasty

I wish to be a pixeltail dev


Wish granted but staff applications take (REDACTED) years.

I wish Crash VS Spyro was released.


Wish granted, release date is one day after the end of the world
I wish more people would use reply to user in the forums so i can be notified of replies


Wish granted, but you lost your mail box. No real notifications!

I wish I get lucky for everything RNG or luck.


Wish granted but the economy has crashed.

I wish to meet a celebrity.


Wish granted but it’s Seth Rogen.

I wish I had a laptop that played smoother or ran faster.


Wish granted, but the only game you can play on it is… Big rigs…Hm…

I feel like I’ve made that joke before, but I can’t remember, I certainly don’t plan on sifting through all of my previous posts here to double check though.

I wish I wouldn’t accidentally make repeat jokes.


Wish granted, but now you can only make cheesy stupid dad jokes.

I wish I didn’t lose at least half a gigabyte every day on my laptop.


Wish granted, now you lose half your battery cappacity every day

I wish to erase my regrets


Wish granted but now you get more twice as fast

I wish for tasty cheese


Wish granted, but it expires before you can put it into your mouth.

I wish I didn’t get sad at the stupidest things.


Wish granted you get happy about the most horrible things.

I wish for you to stop replying so FAST


Wish granted, but you reply 2x faster than you just did for every post.

I wish this wasn’t so ironic.


Wish granted, its now steel *ban dum tiss
(Get it, iron and steel)

i wish for a pataphor


Wish granted, but it’s a pickle.

I wish for more ideas.


Wish granted but your ideas were all in your dreams.

I wish for easter eggs.