The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


Wish granted, but Undertale does not get ported in the end and Smash 5 is only a tease for a Splatoon 3.

I wish I can Jump Up, Super Star!


WIsh granted, But you jumped so high you fell down and broke your legs

I wish for smash 5 not to be a port


Wish granted, but there is only 1 game mode, and 3 characters.

I wish my computer doesn’t freeze when I play GMod.


Wish granted but it now freezes when playing Tower Unite

I wish to have a merperson girlfriend.


Wish granted, but she cheats on you and steals half of your money in your wallet.

I wish for a balloon.


Wish granted, but it’s stuck in a wall.

EDIT: I wish to stop forgetting to wish.


Wish granted, but you forget to grant wishes.

I wish I can edit videos.


Wish granted, but Windows Move Maker.
I wish for eternal love.


Wish granted, but you, and whoever your lover may be would break up in less than two days.

I wish to wish for another wish.


Wish granted, but the first wish is no longer.

I wish for a asdlkdm.


Wish granted, but it’s a genkmla instead.
I wish for CHOCOLATE


Wish granted, but it’s dark chocolate. I don’t get why people hate dark chocolate, it’s not that bad!

I wish for more ideas.


Wish granted! But they’re all terrible.

I wish for a .


Wish granted, but it’s a , instead of a .

I wish for 2KE89323J4


Wish granted, but it’s 2ke89323j4 instead.

I wish for an infinite cup of pepsi.


Wish granted, but you accidentally spill it, and drown all of us in Pepsi.

I wish I didn’t drown in Pepsi.


Wish granted, but you drown in coke instead.

I wish I wasn’t clumsy.


Wish granted, but now you cannot fall so gravity doesn’t work

i Wish for Update 4.20 xdd


Wish granted but it’s update 6.66
spooky mems

I wish for NO SCHOOL.


Wish granted but you are behind from work and are homeschooled

I wish to meet Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka.