The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


Wish granted, however, EA still continues with making sport games.

I wish to bring back a fellow member of the community.


The member is back, but cannot talk in forums.

I wish to slap people in the face with no consequences.


Wish granted! But you can only slap puppy’s, you monster!

I wish I didn’t edit this damn post so much!


Wish granted however you can only do some edited posts for the time being.

I wish I can see the 21st Pokemon Movie when it releases.


Wish granted! But the movie is garbage as are all sequels.

I wish I could go to the bathroom, I can’t right now becuase I am in class! But I desperately have to take a shit.


Wish granted but you had a little accident on the way to the Bathroom so you’re too late.

I wish I can challenge the devs to a game of Hold Em.


Wish granted, but you lose 70% of the time.

I wish I can spawn infinite pom balls.
Please say they aren’t hard!



I wish for an infinite amount of wishes.


Wish granted, but only after you soften every single one of Spydermann’s infinite pom balls with your bare hands.

I wish people would stop wishing for wishes. That’s practically cheating.


Wish G-g-granted?

i wish to be a regular in the forums


Wish granted, but you are not mentally regular now, you flail around in public, if we see someone flail around in the mall, we know who it is.

I wish for a potato gun in real life.


Wish granted but it peels them instead of shoot them

I wish to take part in Soapbox races.


Wish granted but you are stuck inside a box of soap for the rest of your life.

I wish for a catsack.


Wish granted but it is not a backpack catsack.

I wish to challenge the Pixeltail Developers to a game of Actual Crazy Golf


Wish granted, you lost

I wish to have 1000 hours on tower unite


Wish granted, but you lost 60% of your units and you have horrible RNG at the Casino.

I wish I can go to the M U L T I D I M E N S I O N A L - U N I V E R S E and meet M E M E - M A N


Wish granted, but you can’t come back to the normal world, and you ultimately die alone and scared.

Wow, that got kinda dark.

I wish for cookies.


Wish granted, but they are stale, hard, rasin, and oatmeal.

I wish I had a unicorn.


Wish granted but it’s a sea pony instead.

I wish for Miitopia food in stores.


Wish granted here ya go

i wish for a catsack plushie OwOx333333rarw