The Corrupt-A-Wish Foundation


Wish granted, but it will be as shitty as Sonic R

I wish


Wish granted, but

I wish someone would finish off the above wish and corruption.


Wish granted, but it’s corruption quickly infected yours wish.

I wish I’ve had nothing.

Also:[quote=“Agent2583, post:1126, topic:2032”]
the only colour they have is pink.
it would be even better


Wish granted but instead of nothing, you get something.

I wish for the answer to life the universe and everything.


Wish Granted but it’s written on a piece of paper that has half torn off.

I wish for a Nintendo Switch


Wish granted but controllers don’t work, neither does screen react to touch.

I wish for a drink.


Wish granted, you get corrupted coca cola

I wish for a good F1 Race.


Wish granted, but you can only watch it for 12 seconds after paying $400,000.

I wish Snake was here with me.


Wish granted but he’s dead.

I wish user below used this wish as his avatar.


Nah im good
I wish that I had a corrupted wish


Wish not not corrupted! HAH

I wish this school internet wouldn’t make it take 10 minutes to edit a post


Wish granted, but teachers will catch you typing, and took your phone

I wish for this to came true!


Wish Granted But you can’t use it.
I wish I could win a Large Triple Diamonds Jackpot


Wish granted but your game crashes before you could win it.

I wish I can report to a 2319.


idk what this so your hunger games gets canceled

I wish I knew what a 2319 is.


Wish granted! I believe it is a Monsters Inc. reference, but YOU are the one that gets reported to the CDA!

I wish for the next wisher to not have their wish corrupted.


Wish granted but now I wont ask for a wish


I wish for something "Unusual"


Wish granted! One of your teeth are pink for 5 minutes!

I wish that the walls, ceilings, and floor in condos were like canvases so I could make everything in Underwater Home water.—


Wish granted, but you cannot breathe and then you die because logic
I wish i didn’t wish.