The Bone Zone 2022


That’s right guys and ghouls we’re back once more to celebrate the spooky season and right out the gates we’ve got several episodes planned.
Every Saturday in October at 8pm EST (not including the 1st) there will be an episode of the critically acclaimed #1 Talk Show The Bone Zone! Including Halloween that makes for 5 nights of fright and delight.
Seeing as Russi has a work schedule that doesn’t line up with those shows I will also be doing a few nights to accommodate him being able to come on down as well, however those are not yet planned.
If any scheduling changes occur of course you’ll be the first to know via this thread.

Of course the rules as always remain the same.

  • No over-obnoxiousness, excessive trolling, or derailing the show.
  • Treat others with respect, no racism, homophobia, starting drama, etc
  • Audience interaction is encouraged but within reason, applause, cheering and banter is fine but constantly interrupting and getting in the way will lead to warnings and eventual muting or kicking. Just try to read the room.

Any clips, videos, edits, art, memes, and of course screenshots should be posted to this thread. I love seeing all the different perspectives and if you’re lucky your work will be showcased on the show for all to see!

Any questions, comments, hype, yada yada you know the drill feel free to post it here. Hope to see you all soon and stay spooky!


Eyyy it’s back baby!

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I’ll try to be there each time, but my internet has been crap lately… plus I’ve had appendicitis last month and I’m not entirely better yet.

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can’t wait, my dude :smiley:

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here’s all of the seasons if you’re new here:

also, the rest of “Season 4 (2020)” vids are still being worked on and most of them will come out this month (i hope).

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and also, yeah i’ll be there, i hope that using 32gb of ram is enough to record the episodes in better quality and even make my voice chat in-game less crispy lagging unlike last year (unless that didn’t work).

Lets fucking go!

very sorry for the post.
had a dumbass moment.

What post? :smirk: :sweat:



are they cool

Well well loyal Bone Zoneians, it’s the eve of Season 6, and if you know your Bone Zone lore you know what a first episode means. EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE. That’s right, episode 1 is almost always out of control and a total mess and this year is no different.
It has come to my attention that the ram in my computer is PROBABLY on it’s way out, which means that hosting a condo might be a total bust…however on the bright side, a friend has offered to upgrade my pc with some of the spare parts he has lying around! Unfortunately that won’t be until Sunday.

I’ll still give my best effort to host a condo anyways even if just for a little bit, perhaps just do the intro and say my hellos if my pc allows it BUT then it hit me, the infamous words of my co-host…

“We’ll do this in the parking lot if we have to.” - Skeleman

That’s it! Find an unpopulated Plaza and do the show in it as a hangout. There’s so many years I said I never would only because I wanted to control the tempo of the show, but episode 1 is always a crazy blowout so why not? Of course I’ll do my best to spread the word the night of which plaza it is we choose, and I’ll post it here as well.
If it’s too much trouble to even do in a plaza then the good news is at least it’s getting fixed soon and there’s more episodes yet to come.

That’s my update for now, if anything changes you’ll be the first to know. Hope to see you soon and stay spooky!


Alright guys and ghouls, here’s my update. Happy to report my pc is doing JUST fine today so I’m going to go ahead and give it my best shot at doing the show in the normal studio!
If any issues come up as always I’ll be ready to report it. Spread the word, stay spooky, and I’ll see you SOON!


Least scuffed Episode 1 we’ve had in a long time :smile:


You may notice a person named “NextPurpleHeartCPU2072” out of nowhere in the plaza during the episode, i was responsible for inviting him to be in the show. he originally wanted me to play tower untie (and other games) with him but i’ve told him i’m busy recording the show and then i ask him if he could join the talkshow for a little bit if he wants to, and now he’s playing around during the episode (at least it’s for like a couple of minutes).

For those who don’t know, NextPurpleHeartCPU2072 (known as “Matthew”) is my Social Freind and was a Fan of My Work that includes a Hat in Time Spongebob Project Mod called “Spongebob’s World” (which i regret working on it in the first place for reasons), he is basically My Own “@Agent2583” just like how @Alexer_Zoderia’s own “Agent2583” is Vaycron (who uses the John Cena playermodel) that says “thank you so much because this game and you guys save my life, without you guys in this game, i wouldn’t be anywhere.” in Prizim Podcast Halloween Special from Last Year (i think there is a clip of his full speech somewhere on youtube, but i can’t find it and i don’t know the name of that video). he tried to invite me to play some games with him aswell as wanting me to see him play, i’m not mean to him since he’s just a kid and also a fan of Hatsune Miku and other things related to that (…yeah, i have to live with it for most of my life).

I may have invite him to this thread for the schedule (and if you’re reading this Matthew, sorry if this sounds a little-mean) so if he ever shows up again in the show, just please don’t be mean to him and he’ll follow the rules carefully next time.

also @Marty_Mcfly streams the show on his youtube channel called “Third Leg Gaijins”, i’m suprised that no one mention it before this season started. so here is a vod of the 1st episode in-case you missed it (though it may not be a perfect way to watch it, but it’s still fine the way it is.):

one more thing, my voice chat is still fucked up with stuttering and mostly silence in almost the entire episode. but i may have found the solution (correct me if i’m wrong) and it might be that voicemeeter only uses WDM (which dosen’t match the sample rate) and possibly affects the in-game voice chat (even though i use MME). i somehow fix the WDM that plays stuttering noises but i’m unsure if that’s not the case or not, i will try to do an in-game voice recording test before the next episode (once again).

i like lisa game (shock)

i’m sorry it’s only the bone man. i wasn’t sure how to depict anyone else. (and i’m lazy)
hope you like it