(Texture?) Problem. PNG problem. Windows and lighting problem


I’m actually really unsure what is going on and didn’t if it was a texture thing or something. I’m having some horrible issues with lights, PNG canvases, and windows. Not only are they these weird colors, they are also super intensely bright as hell. I’ve restarted my PC, and verified the game cache already. I really don’t want to have to reinstall the game but if it fixes the issue I may as well. Any solution to this?

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Another image of the problem. This is what happens if I have weather particles on.


This happens when your graphics settings in the game are set to low.
Setting your graphical settings like effects and entities to something higher than the low settings will fix this.


I set my graphics higher though to at least medium and nothing about this problem changed. If it needs to be higher then medium I sadly can’t really do that.


Not entirely sure at what settings level this stops happening but for me it seems to be at low.
What graphics card do you have since it sounds really old.


I’m not quite tech savvy you’ll have to forgive me. How do I find out?


If you go to the Steam client > Help > System Information. It will list everything there, under video card will be the GPU.
It’d be better to post a little of everything, PC/Laptop, CPU, GPU, OS.

It looks like you’re on Integrated graphics because I’ve seen others have these issues before, Integrated is basically not having a dedicated video card so your CPU’s onboard graphics processor handles it, which is far less capable. Lower end laptops use integrated, some PC’s might not come with a GPU, or you do have a GPU and it’s very old / drivers out of date.