Terrible Freezes since Fishing Update

I know there’s another post about this already, however here’s the thing. They all have been mentioning it happening in the plaza. Mine is the opposite, where I only get terrible lag spikes and freezes in the non-plaza games (Ball Race, Minigolf, etc). There are some things in the Plaza that do this to me too actually, which would be the Theater Building, Trivia Room, and the subway tunnel if you go down to the far back of them, regardless of which tunnel you go in.

Some have suggested Running in Higher priority, doesn’t help either though.

And originally I had an issue with the audio clicking/glitching out when going over buttons on the main menu. But that issue disappeared randomly.

Ball Race - Freezes when Match begins/Ends, when someone pops (anyone at all), or gets to the goal (they technically pop there too).

Minigolf - Freezes when Scoreboard is supposed to appear, and during preview time. Sometimes it works just fine, but will randomly freeze if anyone goes out of bounds for a +1.

Zombie - Freezes 1-2 minutes at the start of every round (except for spider boss in trainyard)

This has only been happening since the Fishing update. It was 100% flawless before.

Processor AMD FX™-8320 Eight-Core Processor, 3500 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)

I can provide other information if needed…but by god this has been so frustrating as I absolutely love this game and want to be able to enjoy it again. I’ve even bought a copy for my girlfriend and 2 of my friends just got it to play it with me.

Running in DX 10 or DX 9 does not help.:zombiehead: