Talk to Transformer

Talk to Transformer is a site that I saw on a Vinesauce livestream yesterday. It uses OpenAI’s GPT-2 language model (that was all over the news for being so accurate they had to dumb it down). It’s really fun to mess with and can get some weird results.
Here’s one I got just now:

(The bold is the text I put in, the rest was auto-generated)

Feel free to post cursed prompts here



Completionist 1: I’ve been doing it for years. Don’t know what would be different.


I’m not worried!

Fluid: How long have you been thinking about going to bed early?

I think I’ll go to bed early.

It makes me feel sick, and I think I should wake up.

What do you mean awake?

Oh God… I’ve had a nightmare…


I haven’t had a nightmare!

Fluid: What happened?

I saw you in-between us… I don’t remember who it was you were talking to…

I woke up, just a bit…

Fluid: What do you have to do today?

A long list of things I wish to do…


I wish to do something more productive…

Fluid: Anything to be honest?

Just try being more productive.

What else is there?


I’m gonna have to change my ways, I was… I…

Fluid: What’s your name?


Well, I’m Nervous. My name is

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Wow, this is too addicting.

A leader makes himself clear:

Is this romance? Or horror?

A short, yet powerful piece:

This isn’t really cursed but

I find it crazy that this thing can just piece together really deep/philosophical stuff. Like of course it’s just copying little sets of words from what people have written and putting it together, but it does it so well like in cases like this. If I did some deeper digging I could probably find some of these phrases but just a simple google search for any one sentence in all that comes up with pretty much nothing, it pieced together a lot of what you can see here.
Crazy how this is only the “sorta dumbed down” version of the language model, too.
EDIT: I did some messing around with general questions and this thing is really good at giving definitions/explainations too. Just ask it any random question like “What is a captcha?” or “How does the Flu work?” and it’ll spit out a pretty useful response. If it’s not a good response, you can click it again and it’ll usually be better, or you can try again. I’d love to see what uses this could have.

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Also found this funny


now that’s the gmod tower i know


I think there’s something wrong with mine




Our objective in Tower Unite is to save the world?

There’s definitely something wrong with mine

Ask for a sentence, get HTML code:




I almost forgot about the bucket of dirt for watering the grasses, thank you. Helpful tutorial.

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Edit: you lads wanted something cursed?

Although it does.

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Apparently this bot hates Democrats. lol

Tried to make an MC Vagina joke and I think I confused it.

Video for reference

Mass Effect gone wrong

I can see this thread really taking off with crazy memes thrown at a bot, so here’s this before I inevitably forget about this thread for the next two years

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