Talk to Transformer

Don’t try and charm the bot

this is kind of nsfw for some reason?

click if you want to read the nsfw thing it made

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of course, it’s been subjected to 4chan


Why would it even take text input from 4chan,
That’s like listening to the suggestions of people locked in an insane asylum.

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I’m scared.


The model is based on 40 GB of nothing but text found on the internet, and that’s a hellish amount of data for them to have to pick out “interesting” sites from so I think they just said screw it


is there some sort of secret message to decode from all of this

Even the auto generated image screwed up



Adam: Hey Bob what should we do with our new program that makes sentences?

Bob: Let’s give it information from the guys that managed to turn Microsoft’s Tay into a nazi loving monster from the depths of hell.

Adam: Bob… you’re a genius.


You know the really horrifying part, this is the medium-sized 345 million parameter version of the model. The full one is 1.5 billion.
All the cursed 4chan discussions you could ever want.

horrifying? More like great.


What I’ve learned:

  • apparently rally and formula 1 are different racing disciplines
  • you absolutely must get your engine approved by either the FIA endorsed FIA, or the FIA.
  • the WRC is apparently more regulated than formula one

F1 teams can swap engines and stuff with eachother but you can’t rally anything without a restrictor plate. :upside_down_face:

All I did was put a Dawn of The Dead quote this is ridiculous

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