Sweet Tooth Remastered (

Sweet Tooth Remastered and Re-tuned

Sweet Tooth has gotten a makeover for this update, with new visuals and improved gameplay! With new lighting, updated art assets, adjustments to courses and quality of life changes, the map is more exciting and enjoyable than ever before!

Improved Condo Building

New features have been added to the condo such as shift-and-drag copying! Now you can quickly copy items by holding shift while dragging them with the translate gizmo!

Gizmos now have hotkeys for easier switching and editing. While you have an item selected in gizmo mode (left click by default), you can switch between gizmos using the Q, E, and R keys (these are rebindable).

You can now also quickly exit out of gizmo mode with the space key (also rebindable).

These are just a few of the changes made! There have been numerous improvements to the building system, along with several bug fixes that should make building a lot more user friendly and enjoyable. Read the full list of changes in the Condo Editing Changes section below.

New Ways To Connect

You can now see what game and map your friends are playing, including what Plaza server they are on straight from the friends list in-game. We’ve also added a join button to quickly connect you with your friends.

Several Long Standing Wearable Bugs Resolved

In this update, we’ve fixed wearables resizing while in seats, and wearables not displaying after using seats (such as when you toggle between first and third person), we’ve also addressed several other long standing issues such as weapons being de-equipped (until you respawn) while going into minigames. Check out the full list of bug fixes at the bottom of this update log.


  • Minigolf: Sweet Tooth Remastered
  • You can now see what game and map your friends are playing, including what Plaza server they are on within the friends list
  • Added a “Join” button next to your friends on the friends list
  • Added “Random” and “Return To Game Ports” vote map options
  • If you are in a Game World and the Game World disconnects you or closes, the disconnect popup will have an option to take you back to the Game World ports
  • Added placeable aquarium volume to D.I.Y store. This volume will allow you to create areas for fish to swim without the need of an aquarium (fish stay within the bounds of the volume)
  • Laser Tag: Laser gun sound now can be heard a lot better from a distance, allowing you to better know where your enemy is shooting you from
  • Arcade: Whirl-a-fish now shows how many drops it has left
  • Added a pool tube at the top of the slides to help visually show you can ride down the slides
  • Fishing: Higher difficulty of fish caught will now result in a fish (instead of trash) and better chances of rare ones
  • Increased inventory UI icon sizes
  • Increased contrast of settings headers, key bind settings, and sliders for better visibility
  • Reorganized key bind settings, separating condo inventory editing into its own header section
  • Resized item tooltip icon to be larger so you can see items better
  • Performance Optimization: Reduced lightmap data inside the arcade by 50% (from 320MB to 160MB).
  • Performance Optimization: Reduced shader complexity inside the arcade
  • Reduced waiting for players timer for Typing Derby from 30 seconds to 20 seconds
  • Reduced waiting for players timer for Trivia from 30 seconds to 20 seconds

Sweet Tooth Changes

  • Added extra cameras to hole 3 to provide a smoother camera view when traveling down pipes underneath the course
  • Added extra pipe cameras to hole 4, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17
  • Added extra backboard to end of hole 15 to make it less likely that players will bounce out the back
  • Added spline to the loop-de-loop at the beginning of hole 18 to make it more reliable
  • Fixed some instances of golf balls phasing through the half pipes in hole 12
  • Fixed some instances of golf balls phasing through the 270 degree boost curve in hole 16
  • Fixed players incorrectly bouncing backwards off of the half pipe/ramp at the end of hole 17

Condo Changes

  • Condo - Condo: You can now edit the pools wall/floor, trim, and stairs
  • Condo - Condo: You can now edit the roof grass
  • Condo - Condo: Removed bushes, allowing you to redecorate with your own foliage
  • Condo - Condo: Removed the grime/dirt from the pool stairs
  • Condo - Highrise: You can now edit the pool stairs
  • Condo: You can now apply any surface or canvas on the Stairs item
  • Condo: Added Water Clean and Water Ocean materials
  • Condo: NPCs by default no longer have “My Character” as their name tag. Name tag will only display once a name has been assigned

Condo Editing Changes

  • Condo: Added shift drag copying. You can now hold shift and drag items and duplicate them with the translate gizmo
  • Condo: Space/jump now ends gizmo edit mode
  • Condo: While in Gizmo mode you can switch between position, rotation, and scale using Q, E, and R respectively (these are rebindable)
  • Condo: Tilde key (~) now toggles advanced edit mode (this is rebindable)
  • Condo: You can now right click and edit items while in gizmo mode
  • Condo: When right click editing on an item, you no longer need to keep Q held to keep the right click edit menu open. It’ll auto close after you are done right clicking
  • Condo: Added arrows for easier variation changing for nature items
  • Condo: Inventory UI - Moved Nature category out of the Furniture category and into its own large category
  • Condo: Inventory UI - Removed the Arcade category from Toys and just added the items to the main Toys category
  • Condo: Inventory UI - You can now drag resize the condo inventory to be taller by double clicking the shadow above the condo inventory title

Bug Fixes

  • Minigolf: Fixed being unable to putt up hills or certain crazy angles (would display a no putt cursor). You’ll now always be able to putt any angle without having to readjust the camera
  • Fixed sitting in seats resizing wearables!!
  • Fixed cosmetic items (wearables) being invisible when sitting in seats and switching between third person and first person
  • Fixed jitter if you have a tiny potion active during a minigame
  • Fixed equippables/weapons not working after participating in a minigame
  • Fixed players visually holding weapons in their hands that are holstered for themselves
  • Plaza: Fixed missing collision on Game Ports platform
  • Plaza: Fixed duplicate teleporter in Game Ports
  • Plaza: Fixed missing collision on trees near Seasons
  • Plaza: Fixed Dev HQ media player not working
  • Condo: Fixed stair step width resetting when changing number of steps
  • Condo: Fixed advanced edit mode reopening item properties of the exact same item
  • Condo: Fixed advanced edit mode camera mode (right click) not engaging when right clicking/hovering over an item
  • Co-op Condo: Fixed wrong scale of items when clients drag/move items. For example, if a canvas cube was scaled by 5, a client would always have it scaled at 1 instead of 5
  • Condo: Fixed the scale gizmo not scaling the workshop models properly at all due to scale metadata not being calculated with the gizmo
  • Condo: Fixed physics items not floating in water properly and hitting an invisible wall
  • Condo: Fixed trust prompt coming up for condos you’ve already trusted
  • Condo: Fixed canvas images not loading on surfaces even if you have already trusted the player
  • Condo - Condo: Fixed a rock cutting into a floor underground
  • Minigolf: Preview camera no longer stutters due to networking desyncs
  • Laser Tag: Fixed several Laser Tag exploits
  • Fixed third person camera being really low while in seats, now it’ll be tied to your head a lot better and adjusts with potions
  • Fixed leaving seats resetting your camera to the wrong direction, now it’ll reset your camera back to what it was before you entered the seat
  • Fixed blocking a player model while in a condo causing all workshop models in the condo unloading (becoming boxes)
  • Fixed pause menu inventory clearing the current search after selling an item
  • Fixed Pilot Hat model
  • Fixed not being able to color the bedside table lamp
  • Resolved some issues where tutorial prompts (game splash screens) don’t get saved upon game restart
  • Optimized and improved inventory pause menu list (now loads results instantly)

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<3 PixelTail Games


Its so nice to give these guys the breathing room they deserve!

Aquarium Volumes are incredible! I can’t wait to experiment with this more. The new ocean material is so awesome with the waves, and the clean water material has great visibility. Now with the improved fishing rates I’m about to stock all my condos full of fish!

Also great work on the UI, the improvements were immediately noticeable. Sweet tooth is looking very good, but the real ones know this was secretly the Fish Owner’s QoL update.


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