Survey Results (July 2018 Survey)


Hey everyone, we’ve organized the July 2018 survey results in a readable format for you all. We had a total of 525 participants, which puts this as one our most popular surveys!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments in the survey. Some of the questions we asked you to go into more detail on why you selected that choice, and all of those comments are extremely helpful and awesome.

Keep in mind that even though the results have a huge influence in our decisions, we may not finish the features in the same order as the survey. We use the surveys as a guide to plan our feature releases.

Weekly Dev Log for August 6th, 2018

i was in the minority for a few of these but everything i else was the majority, interesting to see how my views differ from the rest of the community and how they also relate


Haha the playerbase is dead split on the amount of servers. Also surprised to see LC almost completely tied on Toy Room and Market, those are equally my favorites. Virus needs some more love from the community, especially with all its gradual improvements. I think the four player requirement and lack of open games hurts it, but then again I’m biased because I am absolute trash at Minigolf even though I saw the appeal lol.

Also I get the huge anticipation for Accelerate, but that seems like it’ll be such an undertaking I’m afraid for it to go in full development before more of the base game is fleshed out. We’re talking an entire vehicle and driving system, I think it makes more sense to go on with SDNL next and the dev logs seem to be leaning towards that. The core system is already there and I’m guessing it wouldn’t take as long. Although, if the vehicle systems from Accelerate make their way into other portions of the game in the form of milestones or finally working RC cars that will be a real treat.




Glad to see these results. Can’t wait for the next Survey!


Pretty sad how its pretty much set in stone now that Virus and LC are the least popular gameworlds. Probably because of the +3 players required to play thing.


Thanks Mac, very cool!


I’m hoping the global chat and living lobby systems will help with “dead” gameworlds; it’ll certainly be easier to gather people into one if you’re speaking to everyone as opposed to 20 people on a single server.


No, pretty sure Planet Panic is the least popular gamemode. You can tell by the results on this servey and the fact NOBODY wants to play it except for those who never have.

I’m also happy to see that Accelerate is the most wanted gamemode, and how Achievements are 2nd most wanted, and everyone (err, 55%) wants Arcade most.

Thanks, mac!


i’m super surprised so many people are looking forward to accelerate, i’d think SDNL would be the most popular


in my mind, accelerate is more unique to the existing gamemodes than sdnl, so it would attract more people than another competitive shooting game. and that’s kinda what we need, a game that attracts players so we have more people to play the multiplayer gamemodes with.


yeah, a traditional PvP gameworld would do that better than a racing gameworld imo. A large majority of people have played gokarts/a racing game before, but arena shooters can have a lot of unique properties to separate it from other games of the same style. PvP is a very important concept that currently, TU lacks.


I feel that TU needs something other than shooting. We have Virus, Planet Panic (which somewhat counts), Zombie Massacre, Laser Tag, and soon to be SDNL. Laser Tag, despite not being a gamemode and not having multiple weapons, is PvP, and you can’t argue against that. Accelerate is much more different than the other gamemodes than SDNL is, the most similar gamemode being Ball Race. It would give new players impressions that it’s more all over the place than SDNL would. SDNL, while being a fun looking gamemode, can hold off for a while until we get something that isn’t shooting. SDNL coming after Zombie Massacre looks kinda dull to me.


this b long so
yeah i voted for most of them


@speck, @Turretvista

I agree with you both. I want a more fleshed out PvP gamemode. Laser Tag does fit the bill to a degree, but the system of running to a charge station between deaths plays better in a team environment than 1v1s. Also the forced team mode leads to unbalanced teams too often with the current population. It is FPS PvP in a relatively pure form, it just isn’t ideal and doesn’t offer much depth either. An Arena shooter with a variety of over the top weapons sounds ideal to satisfy this.

However Turret you’re correct Shooter games make up a lot of the Tower activities, and more variety would help the game feel more balanced in gameplay options. Its obvious from the poll current players are very interested in a Kart Racer, and I’m sure it’d draw in a lot of players as well.

I think the issue here is when Tower launched you had good variety between the four available game modes, but two of them (Virus and Planet Panic) felt rushed and unpolished in comparison. Once Weapon Predictions was implemented to fix Virus the team had a great system to quickly build new games from leading to more shooters coming first.

Once core systems that influence the overall game, such as living lobby/workshop/achievements, are implemented I think the team will have more time to dedicate towards new systems which will lead into the more mechanically different game modes coming to fruition. Keep in mind this is me assuming a lot and just my opinions.


I really just hope SDNL has that quake feeling to it, the problem LaserTag has for me is every engagement feels like who can mash left click the most.
If I can rocket jump, surf midair, surf explosions and whatnot. With maps that have very open areas for such mobility then I’ll fall in love with it.
Hell even if it came close to HLDeathmatch I’d be happy.


Accelerate has been the most wanted gamemode since the first ever survey they did, yet by the looks of it, it’s going to be the last gamemode we get. There’s a million other pvp/arena games i could play right now on steam, the same can’t be said for Kart Racing. I’ve never understood the want for, yet another arena deathmatch.


It makes since that they want to knock out all the shoot games first because they already did a large part of the work with the prediction system they made because with every system they make the more they set in place other things that can use the systems. If they wanted to work on something completely new thats a lot more work they have to do and takes more time. So i’m not surprised that despite accelerate winning all the surveys that it is not being worked on yet although who knows it might come sooner than later because of the demand for it.


The same argument works in the other direction. If they finish a game mode like Accelerate first, future updates won’t take as long since the framework would already be in place from the start. Personally I’d rather we get all the unique/big mechanics out of the way early so that they can release more regular updates later on.


Not really. Accelerate is the only planned racing gamemode, so the framework would only be used for that and so, wouldn’t save any future development time. Since we already have 3 shooting gamemodes (Planet Panic, Virus, and Zombie Massacre) and SDNL on the way, any refinements made to the shooting in one gamemode, could be carried to all 4. Plus, with things like weapon prediction, basic gunplay, other tech stuff that I don’t understand already done, SDNL would be way faster to develop because many of the basic, necessary systems, are already in the game.