Survey Results (July 2018 Survey)


Bumper Cars would probably use the framework for Accelerate.


Bumper Cars, Event Minigames, RC Vehicles are just 3 examples of confirmed features that could use a framework provided by Accelerate, but that’s still only half of my argument. I would much rather wait for an extra long period of time now while the game’s community is small, than build up a lot of momentum with quick updates only to slow down later on. If Accelerate, and other complex tasks, are finished early, we’d be in a position to receive update after update without needing a massive break in between them.


I totally get where you’re coming from. Also don’t forget, if the helicopter is going to be a milestone reward, there is a huge chance some sort of vehicle will be one as well. I think an ideal situation would be the core mechanics that influence the overall game being finished first before tackling one of these new game mode systems. Luckily we’re seeing majority of that being done with the Summer Update, however there are still a few systems we need like achievements.

You’re right about the update pacing, if there are going to be huge gaps in updates, you want to do it while the community is small. However keep in mind a lot of people are quick to ignore the tools for developmental insight and to write early access games off as “Dead” if they aren’t seeing updates on Steam. Even the survey results show a lot of people rely on Steam to get their update news. So if SDNL can get all the art assets knocked out while Summer Update/Achievements are worked on, then be developed relatively quickly, that could be a good way to show users the game is expanding still on all fronts.

Also I’d rather see Arcade be tackled before a mechanically new game mode if the systems made for it could be used in the upcoming Condo IO tools. Would add more gameplay variety, improve plaza, help with the casino problem and potentially help condos. Also if the 2D arcade API is finished thats yet another way players can import their own content to the game (and one of the most exciting ways). While Arcade is probably a bigger task, it’s been worked for a while now. I also think Arcade would draw in as many, if not more, players than Accelerate. Again, I’m slightly biased and these are opinions.


I agree with a lot of what you said. Despite how it may have sounded, I don’t necessarily think Accelerate should be next, but rather soon, relatively speaking. Arcade will be a large undertaking as well and I would be very happy to see it come out before Accelerate. SDNL could very well come out before Accelerate as well just to provide a balance of one long update gap followed by a short update gap. My point however was just that Accelerate being a large task requiring long development time should not be a deterrent, but instead that should be an incentive to get it out of the way earlier on than more FPS minigames, for instance. :slight_smile:


I really want to see Arcade come out immediately following the Summer update. The Plaza needs more reasons to hang out and be social. As it stands people pretty much only come for the shops and get out, maybe a trivia game here and there.


Oh, yeah, I keep forgetting Bumper Cars is even a thing. Been so long since the building was added. But, I mean, don’t get me wrong. I actually voted for Accelerate and am really looking forward to it. You do make a good point, though. I didn’t even take minigames and the RC cars into consideration. There’s definitely plenty of reasons for them to start doing Accelerate. Actually, possibly more so because really the only shooting-related thing they have left is SDNL. Development on Accelerate would benefit a lot of other features that I hadn’t considered.


Arcade and Achievements are actually my 2 most anticipated features for those reasons. Judging by the dev logs, it looks like Arcade is getting a bit more focus all of a sudden, so we can only hope!

@balianthemighty: Haha, I also forget about Bumper Cars pretty often, though I am excited for it so I think I might have been pretty biased in my argument :stuck_out_tongue:


Arcade will be huge for plaza. Heck it’ll be huge for condos with the 2D API and letting you play games in your condo. I also feel like Bowling would be more social if the proximity voice chat didn’t jump around so much with the camera. Atleast you can still type to others easily, and global chat will make it even more social.


Why is nobody talking about this… 0.01 DIFFRENCE


that is why the servers are still there, other way round and there would be less servers, that 0.01 kept all the servers safe


We were talking about it in the discord.


I wish i was there D: