Sudden Peer-To-Peer connection issues

As of recent, my connection in Game Worlds (and presumably Condos, but I don’t play those multiplayer at all) has been acting… strange. Particularly, my ping has been acting odd. While normally, I would get a solid 30-60 with most hosts, it’s now averaging 150. The weirdest part is that it occasionally blips back to something more sane, usually 60 ping, for a fraction of a second. The Plaza acts fine, other Steam game servers act fine, so I don’t know what’s going on. I know the things that usually interfere with any wi-fi connection (e.g. someone using Hulu) aren’t sucking up my internet.

I’ll possibly try again on a different computer to see if this is a Steam issue or not.

EDIT: Hosting my own game does also seem to lag out the other players, according to their words, despite their ping usually appearing as something like 40.

You should try this guide: Steam Support :: Troubleshooting Network Connectivity

Maybe it’ll help?

I’m not sure what the cause would be immediately.

So! It turns out that, in an original fit of desperation for improving performance a few months back on my admittedly-kinda-crusty PC, I put in “-noipx” in the launch options. I removed it, and things work… better? I wouldn’t call it perfect, but it might have been the issue. I don’t know why it started having such adverse and strange effects until now, but eh.

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