Stuck on loading screen

Whenever I try to join a Condo , It says, “Joining ( Insert Player Name Here )” and stays stuck here forever. Idk how to fix. Helperinoes ples c:

Does it freeze completely or end up crashing? If it does end up crashing there may be a crash report spat out that can lead to finding the problem. Hopefully someone with more knowlege can help you :slight_smile:

It doesn’t freeze or anything. It just continues to load and never joins the condo. It’ll continue to load but never go into the condo and a crash never happens.

Update: Can’t actually join anything. Games/Condos/Plazas just stays on loading but doesn’t actually join. I’ve stayed in loading for like 20 mins and it doesn’t join. Please help, I wanna impress people with my piano skills xD ( completely serious ).

Sounds like you’re having issues connecting with Steam. Try following this guide:

Those didn’t help me either…

When I try to load into plaza its supposed to usually show a picture of the plaza. But I only see a black background with the words saying, “Joining Plaza”. But it stays at an endless loading screen. Please help me I wanna join my friends condo.

Were you able to fix your issue?

legend has it they’re still loading to this day