Strip Club

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The game will have a ESRB rating of Teen, or PG in Australia. Content like this does not suit this rating, nor the style of the game, hence, it will not be added. Content like this may be added when using the workshop, although again, i’m not sure if @macdguy will allow content of that orientation on the workshop.

EDIT: Here is the thread where Macklin states the rating.

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I wouldn’t take this thread serious, just incase you did :stuck_out_tongue:. But yeah, there’s not gonna be stuff like this.

No seriousness here :octopus:

Anything is allowed on the workshop, it was asked if people could be nude or something in a stream and he said that anything is a go in the workshop

Oh, well then.

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So, basically, almost every single condo? :no_mouth:

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"oh,yeah!’’ :smirk:

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I wouldn’t get your hopes up about Workshop policy. I wouldn’t personally mind about explicit content, but it seems that Valve does mind. I’ll be in talks with them over this, but their TOS seem to state they wouldn’t let us have adult content.

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But if we’ll have something like this, then I’d love having a stripping pole in my condo :grin:

Still better than half of the suggestion we already have



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you mean the [FLAGLESS FLAGPOLE] ?

So would you be in accordance with anything permissible by Valve’s workshop standards?

If so, that’s pretty neat.

It’s not even called stripping pole I think, it’s just a… pole :stuck_out_tongue:

Technically, it is just a pole. However, if it’s being used to strip, it’s a stripping pole.

Them semantics, though.

I agree. Atleast 1 condo in every game at one point in time had this, which was pretty annoying considering the fact it was nowhere near original.

let the avatar make it rain by throwing money!