Strip Club

i am getting REALLY tired of people puting stuff with PS Home in these fourm topics
will everyone please just stop this madness of PS Home?!??!?

It’s inevitable. Most of the people who present the game to the public end up comparing it to either Second Life or Playstation Home, there’s not really much that one can’t do for that comparison not to happen.
The only thing that needs to happen is for that comparison to be a positive one.

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but PS made PS Home…(im guessing they made it… would be weird if PS didnt make playstation home) so its most likely to be 100% shit
and TU is a fun amazing game
(i say this because almost anyone who works for PS is a asshole who wants to steal fun for anyone on different consoles by either making the game exclusive or stealing content (like destiny) even if i was a PS player i would even call it shitty that they would be stealing games or content!)

Damn, @Blaze027 quit hitting’ on dat haterade and let a playa’ play.


I wouldn’t get mad that people think things are similar.

Just because they make comparisons doesn’t mean that TU will become complete crap to play and it doesn’t mean that PlayStation Home is an accurate representation of Tower.

Also, I wasn’t aware that PS “stole” Destiny. Why hasn’t bungie stopped supporting PS games?

Eeeeeeeehhhh, I dunno. I think this one’s pretty bad…

though thats just my opinion k

This is just a joke suggestion :octopus:

When workshop opens up, I’m sure it’ll be really easy to make a cylinder and apply a metal material on it.




At least we know who’s excited for it

i did it
am i a hero now?

Don’t forget, we can makeshift make stripper poles.

1/10 no metal material

I’m sorry s-senpai. I d-did all I could.

have avatar carry strip pole and do move.Have the place play strip club music.

No plz. ;-;