Stereo audio playing only in left ear

Examples of sounds that play in left ear and not the other: Trivia music, water fountain sounds, teleport sounds, casino game noises, player voice chat.

Meanwhile other music(minigame room) and sounds(jetpack, UI sounds) play correctly using both speakers.

I’ve hardly checked all sounds, but it seems the common factor is that sounds projected from some object/location aren’t calculating their location properly for the right ear sounds, while sounds that aren’t projected from physical objects/points are played correctly.

Running on a Windows 8.1 machine using USB headphones to test. Stereo audio/Headphones confirmed to work perfectly fine using VLC.

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Sounds like an audio driver issue. Have you tried restarting your computer and removing devices until it works?

Removed everything but the keyboard/mouse and headphones themselves with no luck. Reinstalled the USB headphone drivers as well as verifying the game files. Any other basic troubleshooting tips I’ve forgotten that might help? If you think any other specs might be relevant just ask.

Your headphones may be broken. What kind’ve headphones do you use, and have you tried any other headphones including earbuds/AirPods?

I have the same bug. i have and run audio cleanly on 400 games. Most audio but not all comes from the left ear only. Head phones not broken. Audio drivers not broken. Perhaps a miss match with specific hard ware. But this is years later and im on windows 10 so Q.Q