Steam Deck Support Request

I wasn’t sure if it falls under support or a suggestion, but the Steam Deck has a slight issue with the AFK system when it prompts for a random keyboard input.
Is there a particular controller profile i should be using, or will a Dev need to intervene? It feels like the system is just defaulting to keyboard inputs instead of controller inputs.

There’s issues with avatars not loading but other than those two issues the game plays surprisingly well on the Deck!

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This is fixed in the next update we’re releasing very soon.


Yay! In the mean time i tried a couple community button maps and found Talkypup’s Talkypad to work the best!



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Can confirm the avatar rendering issue has been resolved/drastically improved!

There are still a couple odd entities, but super happy nonetheless!

I haven’t experienced too many oddities since this last update, have successfully passed random key checks, and only experienced maybe 2 game crashes!

Thank you Dev Team!!!

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Oh! Forgot that it’s a shame the game is still labeled not compatible for Steam Deck, it most definitely is and runs great!

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It’s because Valve has a checklist of things you need to have to be fully considered, compatible. The one we’re lacking on is full controller support, as not every facet of the game can be operated with the controller.

Also, as the game varies in performance as we add then optimize things, they aren’t currently satisfied with our graphical defaults. I’ve personally talked about using the Deck in the future as a lowest common denominator machine to target for performance.