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The orb is complex because it’s a completely different pawn from the main lobby one. There was a system that had to swap those pawns while also ensuring it uses the same stuff from Ball Race and also work in Workshop support. The complexity gets worse by also having things like dequipping the ball. In order for that to work I have to create an actor that keeps track of the ball and your inventory slot changes and compare if you removed it from your hotbar. But I also had to match that hotbar change so it doesn’t effect other equippable items. Then when you dequipped it seemed to break rotation on the player as the ball rotates but the player doesn’t so I had to make sure the rotation was fixed. Then once that was done I had to make sure nothing was referencing Ball Race assets so it doesn’t load the entire Ball Race game in Plaza. Then also there’s the color and movement which was tied up in Ball Race code and now it’s not. I also was able to fix a bug in Ball Race I noticed where the player models (non workshop) would still default to feminine model always.

And then I got stuck for a bit because I was having issues with inventory permissions for equippables while in ball mode.

Also I added jumping to the ball.

I had more fun making the flame thrower… But it is sweet to Ball Race in Lobby 3.

Also last note is all this stuff can be used on other items in the future.


Are we able to choose the colour of the orb or is it random?


Oh, cool! That was my favorite part of that milestone from GMT.


It’s random on equip at the moment.

Though later I want to add color you can set.


Will the galaxy orb affect this orb?


That’s amazing to hear, sry you had to go through all that trouble to fix the rotation and equipping but it will all be worth it soon
but also…
Will you also be able float on water when using the orb >:3


Floating on the water sounds awesome lol


@macdguy Quick question: How’s the badge artwork going?

  • "Little Crusaders: RC Miniature Dragon" has been checked off on the "Milestone Items" checklist.


3 more milestones to go!






Dam kirby is as excited as i am



  • "Zombie Massacre: Helicopter" has been checked off on the "Milestone Items" checklist.


3 more to go!!!11!1


2 actually


I feel like 0.7 might actually have a Sunday release (as long as it doesn’t have horrible bugs in testing anyway).


I wonder how much testing has been done during the development of this stuff. It seems like testing is going to go by quickly judging by how soon mac seemed to imply the update would be out (which is great imo, but also gotta make sure everything’s stable and not rushed which I’m sure the devs will do)


player glow and monster potion yet to go