Steam Achievements, Stats, Leaderboards, and Badges/Milestones


A, and I cannot stress this enough, A.


We’re so close boys


orb time

  • "Ball Race: RC Orb" has been checked off on the "Milestone Items" checklist.


Only 4 milestones left!




Holy moly we might actually get it today if we’re good OwO


we gotta be good bois


I don’t know about that, we still don’t know how far along the WOM jackpot thingy is.


Screw the jackpot!


There’s still the badge artwork to be completed as well.


i wonder what the progress is on the badge artwork


My Orb has finally come.


Wouldn’t get my hopes up on today, but I have a feeling it’s coming out this week, especially because of what mac said.
Also gotta contribute: A


The orb was pretty difficult.


I thought you guys didn’t work on weekends for some reason. Whatever though great job!


It’s because we’re behaving


What so it took this long to get think fixed and completed?
1.what were the situations?

2.and how did you solve it?


Maybe they’re just excited that the update’s almost finished and crunching hard to get it out asap! :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s smarter that they get the update out as soon as possible, while keep it polished, because of the recent boost in player count. New updates will keep them playing longer