Steam Achievements, Stats, Leaderboards, and Badges/Milestones


Nah. It’s just a little interactive prop.


Also how will you get exp in the plaza and theatre? Do you just stay there for a certain amount of time while not being afk?


Which will be the biggest milestone reward? As I mentioned before maybe a Museum condo could be really good but idk. Do you have something in mind? (Even if it’s a secret)


you know, I think a guaranteed cosmic would be a pretty nice reward


i think that would destroy the purpose of it being rare and hard to get


If you get 1 for every time you complete 100% of a minigame achievements then you will only get up to 5 if I am correct.


if you want it to be even harder, you have to get 100% on all minigames, to get only 1 cosmic


You don’t get any cosmic catsacks for achievements or milestones.

It’s based on time spent.


Thank you, I was just kinda confused about that.


Alright. I just thought it would make for a pretty cool reward, or one of several rewards, for 100% the game. Desirable, enough hard to obtain and perhaps most importantly- redeemable. Obtaining one wouldn’t stop players from wanting more, but it would feel like a fair chance at getting one, no luck involved.


Yeah, I guess that is true seeing as I think the concept for cosmic catsacks were you got to choose 1 item out of 3 meaning that it would incentivize people to get more cosmic catsacks so that they could get the other 2. But then again I guess we should just go with what macdguy says I guess.


Also, I’m really excited about the game world catsacks, I just want to hoard a bunch for some reason.


It’s my mission to hoard all the catsacks


Feel there should be some ways to earn cosmics that are still incredibly difficult, but are also not purely RNG


Well maybe that’s just what they will be, an RNG item.

  • "Implement additional stats that are unrelated to achievements (such as accuracy)" has been checked off on the "Stats" checklist.


Stats moment.

  • "Zombie Massacre: Flamethrower" has been checked off on the "Milestone Items" checklist.




(note to those who are not in discord or missed it)

The pets are not done at the moment.
So instead we get (what i think is) cooler and better milestones that we can use.