Steam Achievements, Stats, Leaderboards, and Badges/Milestones


Yeah I didn’t mean obtaining an RNG item, I meant just not RNG based in general, I was just using the items as an example since the big part of the event is RNG items

  • "Give units per achievement" has been checked off on the "Achievements" checklist.
  • "Assign ranks to achievements" has been checked off on the "Achievements" checklist.




How much units would an achievement give? Hope you guys got anti-SAM measures, by the by.


I recently found out that steam serverside achievements were a thing, meaning the client couldn’t just say they unlocked them (SAM). Not sure if thats what they’ve done but it is an option.


Considering they’re doing their own stat-tracking and awarding achievements in-game, I don’t think cheating in Steam achievements will actually do anything.


Yeah, completely forgot they were doing that. In that case, the steam achievements are more of a display and don’t really affect anything in the game.


Well, if you get the steam achievement it’ll probably show that you got it ingame as well, and give you the units.


I wonder what will happen to people who got the bugged achievements when the code was briefly live and crashed the game. Hopefully will have no effect but it’d be nice if they can be rolled back or something?


There are 311 achievements now!!

  • "Backend: Give milestone item out based on EXP (and ensure it doesn't do it multiple times)" has been checked off on the "Milestones" checklist.

  • "Add stat calls to Game Worlds" has been checked off on the "Stats" checklist.
  • "Add stat calls to Plaza" has been checked off on the "Stats" checklist.


so excited for this!!!

  • "Networking EXP amounts to all players" has been checked off on the "Badges" checklist.


so how will the “the infection” item work… will i be able to stab it into unsuspecting people at my condo?


Pretty sure that’s just a player particle effect mate.


they are separate items probably, theres another item listed called “infected flame”


The infection item turns you into the Virus player model and gives you the ability to swing at players. I want it to also set people on fire for a bit (with the option to turn that off in Condos).


That actually sounds really neat, I can see some uses for that when it comes to condo minigames.

[Like freezetag]


I wonder if we’ll be able to get achievements this month.