Startup crash

Tower Unite has been crashing right on start up. It freezes on the black screen for a minute before closing.

Steps to Reproduce

I just opened the game through steam.

What I expected to happen

The game to take me to the main menu.

What happened

Tower Unite crashed.

Notes / Media

This happened the other day but it only crashed once then I was able to get it running. I tried today a few times and it kept crashing so I restarted steam. That didn’t work so I uninstalled the game then reinstalled the game. That didn’t work so I restarted my computer. That didn’t work so I whitelisted my steam folder on my malware. That didn’t work so now I’m asking for help.

Please try reverifying your game cache.

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It didn’t work

Edit: I have deleted the steam appcashe folder, uninstalled my malware blocker, and tried starting the game as an administrator. None of that worked.

Edit again: I solved my issue thank you!

Just for posterity, what did you do?

I updated my graphics card which really shouldn’t have been the issue but hey whatever works.