Stacker - a convinient Condo tool

While I really love the new Copycat tool, there are some limitations to this tool when it comes to building.

The problem I see with it is that items always must have a ground point to stand on it for you to place them.
Sure, you can place something on large to use as a a base for it, but it’s incredibly tiring after awhile.

Introducing… STACKER!

When you point at a Condo item as the owner, and it will show you how it would look like based on your current stacking configuration. Just click and the item will be stacked!
Of course, one must have enough items in order to place more of them, just like the Copycat tool.

You can also adjust how many items it can stack with just one click, and even add gaps between them!

Stacker can also be useful for placing multiple of the same items even faster than the copycat tool! It is the only tool you would need to make a room of hula doll army!!

Great idea

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Thanks for the suggestion.

This is already a planned feature.


Absolutely lovely!

I can’t wait. Thank you!