Stack items

One of two sub categories of my item combo idea

Stack : you stack up items
Example : a stack of units, newspapers and gold
Whats its useful for : having this feature would make making stacks alot easier, faster and more precise, its way to slow and messy to make it using normal placement and snapping is way to buggy for some items also using the soon to be added percision placement tools would be a chore to use in large quantities, having this would be great
(Note : when i meant stack i meant as a single item, not like the already sugested stacker building item, like for example, if you had 50 soda cans, you can combine them into a single object called a “stack”, again this would reduce the number of items used and increase fps for people with potato settings)

This was already suggested recently. Don’t forget to search for suggestions before posting them!


@CalculatorSpoon No, not like the stacker, read the note, most importantly “combine items into a single item called a “stack”” its a similar but albeit different idea

A tool that lets you group items into one is already planned.

They will also eventually let you share those groups via Workshop.