Square shaped teleporter

The teleporter item is an extremely important item for condo building, but due to it’s only round shape, it makes it sometimes difficult or wonky for square shaped rooms. Sometimes it can take several of the current teleporter to fill a square radius because of the corners in the room, making a big teleporter results in most of the teleporters border popping out of the sides of the room. I believe a square shaped teleporter item would help a lot with condo builds, especially for parkour maps, custom made games, etc.
The square teleporters would be a great item for condo builders and would allow for much more clean and easier building when working with square shaped rooms and things.

Maybe throw in a hexagon shaped one for good measure.


Any sort of common shapes, like triangles and squares would be great.


Maybe an option in the edit menu or something to change its shape would be really really helpful


I would love it if square teleporters were added into the game. I have a lot of ideas with it for the upcoming updates.

These did eventually get added in this update and are currently available and are in Central Circuit.


Oops! Sorry!